The Centre of Rekjavik

My travel to Iceland was basically born as a business trip. I am a stylist and a fashion consultant. I was invited to attend the annual Fashion Festival, plus I took also the chance to shoot the campaign of my upcoming clothing line.

Meanwhile, I booked some extra days to visit the island… These pictures are the result. 

AHB: What drew you to photograph?

Silvia: I take pictures of everything that I like. When I am travelling, this default mechanism makes me more receptive to catch the interesting things around me. Still, in my “everyday” life my eyes are constantly in search of something…

What surprised you? What do you remember the most?

I really like to tell stories with images. People are a topic theme I explore.

The two men I shot a portrait of in the centre of Reykjavik, for example… If you see them you start thinking about where are they from, what do they do, what’s the story of their lives. I often connect pictures with a short caption, to give just a little input alongside your fantasy and imagination.

For example, the long bearded man, this could be his caption: He has no home. When I asked to take a picture of him, he went in front of a mirror to train himself. 

What is your approach to photography and travel? How do they interact?

I’d like to constantly travel. Visiting places, exploring new cultures and various geographies is something that truly feeds me. I feel more open, more inspired, generally happier when I am in this dimension.

Taking pictures is a way to put instants, moments, into memories, still, I guess, a sort of beauty research too. 

Words and images by Silvia Bergomi