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If you’d like your project to be featured either online, or on our Instagram account please download the guidelines below and follow the instructions.

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For online features

To us, a story about ‘adventure’ doesn’t have to take place out somewhere out in the wild… What is essential is a sense of discovery and an honest experience that doesn’t shy away from recounting the good, bad, sad, romantic, funny, embarrassing, exhilarating things that happened – the whole picture.

You know that great travel story which was just left as a conversation between friends? We’d love to hear it…

Download our online submission guidelines

For Instagram take-overs

Each week we share bite-sized inspiration from some of the most talented creatives around the globe. If you’ve got a short series you’d like to share, or just a series of your favourite travel moments, we’d love to hear from  you.

Download our Instagram submission guidelines

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