Asiaviva – A story told through music and photography

I have selected twenty photographs from my journey to the Philippines and Japan and have related these to twenty of the songs, which always accompany me. All these songs have been mixed by my brother Pablo, constant companion even though he doesn’t come with me. A kaleidoscope of songs, people, past moments and the present, captured through photography. To listen to these songs is to be home; to see these photographs, a place to return to.

An Ending. Brian Eno.

The end of one journey is the beginning of another. Manila only a few steps away. We discovered Brian Eno with Trainspotting. Satie y Debussy began to sound different.

Fish Beach. Michael Nyman.

20.000.000 inhabitants, 43.000 people per square km, 897 barangays (neighbourhoods)… Truly, Drowning by the numbers.

Lowride. Autechre.

Manila with its ins and outs, its nooks and crannies and people within this tangle. All new for me. Just as is listening to Autechre, with Juan.

Ingenue. Atom for Peace.

My first jeep, with its fascinating rules and codes. Like Tom York and all that he touches.

Boring Angel. Onethrix point never.

Among all that chaos, that face of novel serenity. The latest novelty: Onethrix with Cristina and Pablo.

Even Spring. Plaid.

Children and music always manage to infect you with joy. In October of 2014, Plaid, immersed me in his music.

9th June. Boards of Canada.

9th June in El Nido, Boards of Canada, always. Like Pablo.

Horses in my Dreams. PJ Harvey.

It started to play in Carabanchel and never stopped because it is a state of mind. It was raining that day. Everything was grey, blue and brilliant.

Spring 01. Max Ritcher.

I heard this piece live, with Diana, Tesi and Ramón. That moment was the beginning of this journey.

God Yu Tekem Laef Blong Mi. Gavin Greenaway.

That day, after breakfast, I learned that De la Quadra Salcedo had passed away. I felt glad that I was following on the path which I began along with him.

No me acostumbro. El último de la fila.

We return to Manila before flying to Tokyo. I go back to the swimming pool with Hugo and Alex, to play with Curro, to stroke Tito, to the Vermouths with my parents.

Ulysses. Murcof.

Playing in our car. Macaya, Sergio and Laura. From a 451F to Al’Laboratorio. Coloured lights in Manila too.

Wonderful life. Carl Craig.

We arrive in Japan, and life is wonderful. Just like a barbecue day with Jessie, Gabriella, Mateo and Cesar.

Actium. Aphex Twin.

Aphex and Tokyo, they are bound to recognise each other.

You Lot. Orbital.

I saw Orbital after REM in my first electronic music concert. This song takes on meaning losing myself in this city.

Casa. Jeff Mills.

With Beltrán, Naiara, Pablo or Pichón. In Macumba, Electrogaia, or Arena, that day in the Contact with Diana.

9 hours into the future. Surgeon.

Living a future that is clean, silent and solitary.

Blood Witness. Regis.

Each day you become increasingly small. Tokyo absorbs you, it´s very techno.

Inclination. Mulero.

The city leaves me speechless, five weeks away and without pause. In the parks of Rivas we didn’t talk much either.

Everlane. Clark.

Listening to this track with Javi. A new phase. Nothing is left. Another journey begins.