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Nick Harwart: Sensory overload in Morocco

“During my first trip to Morocco 2014, I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand the stress my camera caused, with all its continual negotiations. On my return trip two years later, I found that if I wanted to make images that showed more than souks and camels in the desert, I had to learn to relax in chaotic places.”

Luca Tombolini: LS X

We live in a frame of mind which is determined by where and when we’re born and the kind of culture we are exposed to. Seeking what we might be outside of this frame is what I’m trying to do in my solo trips.

Catherine Lemblé: Arctic Silence

It’s been three years since I’ve been travelling alone. A lot of people ask whether I felt lonely during these trips. I went to the French Alps and stayed in a cabin alone for a month but felt neither alone nor scared. I’m surrounded by the splendour of nature and I meet beautiful and interesting people.

Jonathon Collins: Towards Eastern Suns

The greatest part of any adventure is the unknown: a real adventure comes from no plan, spontaneity in decision-making, meeting people from all walks of life, interacting with cultures or religions that you previously haven’t, and a sense of resetting your life with each new place or journey.

Kevin Faingnaert: Far-flung cultures and everyday lives

I try to never lose the ability to wonder or to be amazed by people I meet and places I come across, even in my own street.

James Wright – Somewhere in Scotland

I spent years of my childhood pouring over atlases and leafing through National Geographic Magazines which ignited my travel lust. Experiencing different landscape, smells, sounds and cultures first hand makes the world seem both big and small.

Richard Gaston: A Year in Scotland

Adventure has given me the opportunity to develop my character as a person and as a professional; discovering my interest in exploration came late on in my life, I was tired, impatient and my priorities were all wrong.

Elsa Bleda: Finding light, finding home

I believe that exploring, discovering new places, meeting new cultures and hearing their stories make you grow as a person. Broadens your perspective. It is inspiring and definitely exciting.

Chris Round: Round the Place

I am primarily interested in documenting the everyday world around me, with a particular interest in landscapes featuring human interventions that visually activate their surroundings in strangely compelling ways.

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