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Karma are the stars: visions of Nepal

Justino Blake

To load the film requires me to remove my gloves. Soon after I remove my gloves, my hands begin to shake. All around me the white out goes a-shivering and a-howling, and the prayer flags are flapping blue white red green yellow. The ambitious ascent of 2000 metres over the past days has me feeling dizzy and disoriented— I load the roll of film incorrectly.

A guide to Sri Lanka’s eco-retreats

The Adventure Handbook

Sri Lanka is a changing country – the recent flux of tourism has undoubtedly caused the country growing pains, however some local hotels are striving to value and maintain the economy and ecologies that make the place such a destination.

Immense, wild and humble: The seduction of Uruguay and Argentina

Paola Zanni

On one side of the Rio de la Plata sits the giant Argentina, with its cultural strength and breathtaking landscapes.
On the other side, more reserved and characterised by a tender humility, sits Uruguay, with its discreet beauty, wild landscapes, and varied fauna and luxuriant flora.

“You can do this Louise” – Travelling solo along the Annapurna Circuit

Louise Coghill

My feet were in agony, my fingers once again were being stabbed by the cold. Putting my pack back on will remain one of the most demoralising things I’ve ever had to do.

Asiaviva – A story told through music and photography

Bruno Galán Ruiz

I have selected twenty photographs from my journey to the Philippines and Japan and have related these to twenty of the songs which always accompany me.

Mayan families are striving to preserve Guatemalan culture through education

Karina Illovska

Sydney based photographer Karina Illovska went to Guatemala through Photographers Without Borders to document the work of Mayan Families.

Patagonia: Beautiful but bittersweet

Freia Lily

Without a doubt, choosing to travel has produced the most imaginative, intoxicating, and illuminating experiences in my life. It has given me love, compassion, knowledge, power and pain.

When it’s Christmas in Cuba life goes on as usual

Francois Ollivier

It’s my third trip here and I’ve heard the same story dozens of times : Cubans feel stuck and unable to move forward; like they’re trapped in a natural paradise. In the meantime, life goes on.

Bothies – The Far-flung Mountain Shelters of the British Isles

Nicholas White

Far from civilization and mostly accessible only by foot, bothies are secluded mountain shelters scattered across the British Isles, tirelessly maintained by volunteers from the Mountain Bothies Association.

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