Our long travels together

The past year will be remembered especially for our long travels in Southeast Asia. I’d like to say that it would be hard to visit so many beautiful places without my boyfriend Art. We started our trip from Hong Kong and traveled to places such as the Victoria Peak and Star Ferry Pier. From there, we took a flight from Hong Kong to Malaysia. If this is your first time in such hot countries, acclimatisation can be rough. Our stay in Kuala Lumpur was quiet and uneventful, all I was able to see were the twin towers, Petronas.

Our journey continued in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. Most of the trip we just hung about, and visited many temples and parks. I love to travel with Artem, with him it’s a feeling of travelling almost always, every day and not just on weekends and holidays.

So we came to Koh Samui Island. Koh Samui is one of the most popular tourist places in Thailand. This place is different from the others for its quiet and peace – of course, if you have settled far from the tourist center only. One of the most memorable places in Koh Samui was “Art Cafe” run by June. A cafe for a healthy diet: vegetarian Thai cuisine, homemade cakes and some healthy drinks. The interior of the cafe and kitchen utensils captivate you immediately. Earthenware mugs and other hand-made items can be purchased among other things. All the funds donated by visitors go to help and support temples, homeless animals, etc. Be sure to visit!

In our twosome usually all decisions are made by Artem, but our next destination was suggested by me and we moved on to Chiang Rai. The city is located in the north of Thailand and has a high concentration of artists. One of the most popular Thai artists is Kositpipat Chalermchai, whose creation can rightly be called the most uncommon and surprising temple not only in Thailand but also worldwide. The master individually designed each architectural element of the temple, from the overall appearance of the building to local statues. The white temple Wat Rong Khun is definitely a must-see for every traveler whose way has led them to this amazing country.

In addition to the White Temple, we were able to visit the Black House and Boon Rawd Farm, Chiangrai (Singha Park). Singha Park proved to be farms for the production of tea, vegetables and other products, and for the moment, it has become a popular place for tourism. In addition to the tea plantations, there is a park, a restaurant with view of the lake and more. I tried the most amazing thing in the restaurant – deep fried tea leaves. In just a few years, Singha Park Farm has become one of the most popular attractions in Chiang Rai, popular among Thai tourists, but almost unknown to foreigners. The park is located just a few kilometers from the White Temple, and make for a convenient day trip.

We also were lucky to visit the Long Neck Karen tribe in Chinag Rai and this was a truly amazing sight!

When we returned to Bangkok we stayed there for a few months, and visited additional countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia in the meantime.

We have completed our journey back to Hong Kong, but have seen amazing new places. I believe we were very fortunate, to visit the Victoria Peak in good fall weather now that Hong Kong meets us in the spring, all high humidity and frequent rains.

Visiting Lantau Park in the fog is just incredible sight! Big Buddha looking out of the fog is amazing, the cable car Ngong Ping 360 is breathtaking. Asia offered an amazing journey full of friendly and kindly people, good food and great sights.

Images and words by Aleksandra V