Adventure Tape

Listen: Tape No.8 – Campfire Tales with Leigh Senior

One of my favourite parts of travelling is sitting in the passenger seat and watching scenery grow and melt away to rollicking finger picking like the John Renbourn track I have included “I know my babe”. In the play list I have included some songs for leaving, arriving…songs that lead you out of a small country town and into the possibilities of a clean sky. The endless horizon is liberating and also confronting as you attempt to define yourself not by your normal surroundings but by the tired reflection in the car window and thoughts rattling round. When everything else is changing the familiar sounds of your favourite records are home.

  1. John Renbourn- I know my babe
  2. Traveling Wilbury’s- Handle me with care
  3. Joni Mitchell- This Flight Tonight
  4. Nick Drake- Hazy Jane
  5. Bon Iver- Towers
  6. Hannah Cameron- My Inspirer
  7. Tallest Man On Earth- Into the stream
  8. Big Star- Watch the Sunrise
  9. Raised by Eagles- Falling Through
  10. John Martyn- Over The Hill

Leah Senior grew up on the coast writing poetry, playing piano and singing Swiss songs with her family before turning to teenage rock and roll dreaming. She now lives in Melbourne and continues to write poems and songs on an old parlour guitar.

Leah Senior’s debut album ‘Summer’s On The Ground’ is out now through Flightless / Remote Control Records and will embark on touring adventure time.