Adventure Tape

Listen: Tape No.17 – The Sounds of Hipgnosis

For the uninitiated Hipgnosis was the art design team responsible for designing some of the most iconic album cover art for some of the most influential and successful musical acts of all time; including arguably one the most recognizable covers in History, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon. Their work was not limited to just Album Covers however as showcased in the recently released photographic book ‘Hipgnosis | Portraits’, by co-founder Aubrey Powell which acts as a journey into the archives of this influential design company.

This week’s Adventure Tape celebrates some of the acts that Hipgnosis created cover art for.   

  1. ELO – Showdown
  2. Ween – The Mollusk
  3. Babe Ruth – Gimme Some Leg
  4. The Gods – Groozy
  5. The Creation – How Does It Feel
  6. The Creation – Making Time
  7. Gravy Train – Think of Life
  8. Master’s Apprentices – Easy To Lie
  9. Pink Floyd – One of These Days
  10. Led Zeppelin – No Quarter
  11. Syd Barrett – No Good Trying
  12. Edgar Broughton Band – Little One
  13. XTC – Battery Brides
  14. A Certain Ratio – Back To The Start
  15. Space – Air Force
  16. Peter Gabriel – No Self Control
  17. Wings – Nineteen Hundred and Forty Five
  18. Wings – Let Em In
  19. T Rex – Mambo Sun
  20. 10CC – Im Not In Love   |

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