Adventure Tape

Listen: Tape No.6 – Summit

Winter 2013/14 was when I got really into climbing mountains. We had a really good team going, four of us with similar schedules, at similar ages and with similar passions. Every weekend throughout winter we’d go somewhere new and climb a different mountain, or several depending on weather and conditions. Only one of us, Michal, had a car so he’d always be the one driving us north. He’d go round Glasgow picking us up from our respective addresses really early in the morning, when it was still dark, then once we were all aboard we’d head north to wherever we were climbing that day – Glen Coe, Ben Nevis, Argyll or Perthshire usually. We’d all be pretty sleepy in the car, and Michal always had the same mixtapes playing really quietly. I guess it was just what he was listening to at the time. I didn’t really ask who it was we were listening to at the time, but it seeped into my memory of that winter. Just really good, low key driving music. Looking back it was an extremely fruitful period in my life, just working, climbing and shooting photos. Those drowsy 6am car journeys north, when we would be half asleep, half looking at the weather and the scenery are a part of the experience I came to enjoy, and these tracks are the soundtrack to these memories.
Words, image and mixtape put together by David Boyson Cooper