Adventure Tape

Listen: Tape No.1 – On Tour with Joel Byrne

Joel Byrne has spent the last 12 or so years travelling around Australia and the rest of the world singing and playing guitar in Australian Psych Rock band Wolf & Cub.

I wouldn’t say this is a collection of my favourite songs but more a musical travel diary because, for me, each track (most of them) is significant for sparking a memory or a feeling from a past adventure.

Whether it be being transported back to one of those listening stations in a Tower Record Store in Tokyo where I heard a recently released Vincent Gallo album; the tiny venue in Nottingham where I heard The Falls ‘Dr Buck’s Letter’ being played very very loudly through a PA; or on the countless drives across the Hay Plain listening to the opening track to Funkadelic’s ‘Maggot Brain’ when I hear some of these tracks I get reminded, in a weird way, of a distinct moment from a past adventure. It is very true that Adventure and music really do go hand in hand and for me, now I as I try to recall those moments; it’s almost like not being able to remember one without the other.

Image by AHB, words and mix by Joel Byrne