Adventure Tape

Listen: Tape No.15 – Conrad Greenleaf’s Voyage Through the Galaxy

Conrad Greenleaf is an inner-west Sydney based musician who plays synth, guitar and other things in psych-pop band Richard In Your Mind. He has recently released a solo album called ‘Modern Emotions’ which can be downloaded for free at

1. David Bowie – Starman

Davey B suggests that the human race simply isn’t ready to receive alien visitors at this point in our existence. If we’re so scared of our fellow earthlings who were perceive as different how are we going to cope with a visit from a Starman? It would blow our minds.

2. Deltron 3030 – Positive Contact

But you know what? Let’s think positively about this. Making contact with intelligent beings from other galaxies could be a wonderful thing.

3. Leonard Nimoy – Highly Illogical

Dr. Spock, a Vulcan, points out how illogical the behaviour of earthlings is. Sometimes we humans need to take a look at ourselves from the POV of an alien.

4. R. Kelly – Sex Planet

Kells is your captain on a titillating journey deep into your black hole and beyond. This might be the greatest song ever written, by an earthling at least.

5. Kraftwerk – Spacelab

This is a great track to listen to while repairing your carbon thrusters or recharging your lithium crystals..


6. Meco – Ewok Celebration

Let’s visit the delightful earth-like planet of Endor. Oh look! They’re having a party! I can’t understand the lyrics because they’re in Ewokese but it sounds like a lot of fun.

7. Boredoms – Super Are

 Most folks travel through space via technologically advanced spacecraft but I get the feeling Boredoms have accomplished this feat by invoking an ancient intergalactic spirit via sun ritual of and going on a space journey in their own minds.

8. Blur – Far Out

 This song is by Alex James from Blur, the pretty boy bass player with the floppy hair. Apparently he is obsessed with space. I read an interview with Damon once and he said something like Alex wrote 1 song every 5 years and it was always about space. Bless.

9. Pink Floyd  – Set the Control for the Heart of the Sun (live Ummagumma version)

 Space travel can be wonderful but it can also be pretty bleak and lonely and cause you to go insane and want to kill yourself.


10. Lou Reed – Satellite of Love

But nah! Space is cool and we should all love each other and everything in the universe because we are all one with the cosmos and this song is beautiful.