Adventure Tape

Listen: Tape No.4 – Behind the Wheel with Matt Lief Anderson

I love to drive. It seems like I’m always the one behind the wheel on long road trips. That’s especially true when the sun goes down. Lately I’ve been driving across the country an awful lot. I prefer late night drives when I’m alone on the road. I love quiet country roads where you can see every star in the sky. I like to make stops at gas stations in the middle of nowhere and seeing weirdos on the graveyard shifts cracked out on fluorescent lights and energy drinks. This playlist is a few songs that fit into my drives across America.  It starts out being really meditative and slowly builds to keep you from falling asleep at the wheel. If you get tired, go to the last song and fast forward to 7:30 and crank it till your ears bleed.

Words, image and tape put together by Matt Lief Anderson