Adventure Tape

Listen: Tape No.12 – Traversing the Inspiration Travel Tundra

‘Traversing the Inspiration Travel Tundra’ is a mixtape dedicated to the magic of music & travel. As a kid I grew up in Melbourne’s North-West. Be it on family car trips, or commuting all over town on public transport… music was always there for me with my travel (even with such small-scale travel). Fast-forward to the last 7 or 8 years and travel still goes hand in hand with my music. Touring is really a tough thing in bands but i’ve been lucky to have been able to tour and play with my best mates. And so this mixtape is made up of songs that my friends have put on in the tour van or played to me on tour, unwittingly blowing my mind along the way, and inspiring me to go down different rabbit-holes in search of more new and interesting music.
Liam McGorry writes for and plays in a number of Melbourne Bands (Eagle and The Worm, Saskwatch and Dorsal Fin), Dorsal Fins’ Debut album, ‘Mind Renovation’ was released early 2015 on Remote Control Records, listen to it here.