Adventure Tape

Listen: Tape No.5 – Cooking with Rough

If you have ever worked in a commercial kitchen for even a second you would know that they are different from other working environments. Each kitchen is its own strange little world, where the freaks are in charge and stainless steel and fire are the most precious resources. This isn’t a sales job. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not. It’s an art form. It’s manual labour. It’s a place where injuries are met with sighs and insults as opposed to any form of sympathy. Each kitchen is like its own little vortex unaffected by the changing world outside. Kitchens rely on hard work, staff who will show up no matter what, maybe a bit of goey from time-to-time and most importantly, a good soundtrack.
I have spent most of my time in a closed kitchen (one where the chefs aren’t on display to all the customers) which is perfect for me because I’m not much of a people person. It also meant that we could listen to whatever music we want, as loud as we want.. Man did we ever burn through IPod docks. I think we would blow one up every couple of months. All the chefs in that place have IPods completely full of good tunes, however each and every one of us had pretty similar but somehow very different taste. So we are always battling to get songs we could all agree on into rotation.  Anyway, this playlist is just a little taste of an average day in our particular stainless steel world.
First off if you’ve worked in kitchens you have most likely been hungover in a kitchen. So when you arrive at 6am and walk into a room full of fluorescent light and reflective surfaces,  still not sure wether your actually dead or alive, you gotta start off very gently. Lee Hazlewood- If its Monday mornin The Byrds- You ain’t goin’ nowhere Waylon Jennings- I’ve never been to spain Abner Jay- The reason young people use drugs

Breakfast is always Blues and smooth stuff… If I get my way Howlin Wolf- Howlin for my Darlin Muddy Waters– I’m a king bee Canned Heat- Poor moon Howlin Wolf- wang dang doodle Freddie King- Goin’ down Delroy Edwards- Down 4 tha 3rd time Paul McCartney- On the way

The mad scramble to get every bit of work done before lunchtime sneaks up on you, requiring something a little bit faster. You can genuinely feel the change of pace in the room when the pace of the music changes. So, 11 to 12 is whatever as long as its fast or heavy. Television Personalities- Part time punks Descendents- I’m not a loser Richard Hell and the Voidoids– kid with the replaceable head Black Flag- Nervous breakdown Hydromedusa- The rats have my mind Liam Kenny- Border Fetish

Service is the most important part of the whole day. Its what you spend hours getting ready for. Its three hours of power where you have to go as fast and hard as you can without losing your cool or concentration. For service tunes there is only one real choice. I’ve tried everything under the sun and there is only one band that truly gets the job done and thats AC/DC. So why listen to anything else. AC/DC- Gone shootin AC/DC- Ain’t no fun waitin round to be a millionaire AC/DC- Dirty deeds done dirt cheap AC/DC- Jailbreak AC/DC- If you want blood you got it AC/DC- Rock and Roll damnation.

Grab a beer your gonna need it because now you have to clean up for like 2 hours. Just a perk of the job. Cold Chisel- Bow River Thin Lizzy- The boys are back in town Steve Miller Band- Take the money and run Tom Petty and the Heart breakers– American girl

Now that the Boss has left and most of the cleaning is done, talk turns to where we are going drinkin after work and who owes who what. Then either the dishy or the apprentice (who both still do way too many pills) get their turn on the ipod. Dr Dooom- I run rap A$AP Ferg- Shabba Future- I serve the Base Storm Queen- Lets make mistakes Words and mixtape by ‘Rough’, Image by Luke Byrne