Adventure Tape

Listen: Tape No.14 – Milk!

Milk! Records is an independent Australian label that allows you the option to buy direct from a roster of artists that includes: Courtney Barnett; Fraser A. Gorman; Jen Cloher and Ouch My Face, just to name a few. They occasionally curate special events, compilations, collaborations, split 7” vinyl releases and artist designed t-shirts and curios from friends and artists they love. Artists from the label are currently on tour in Australia supporting their latest release Good For You which features six brand new songs from six Milk! Records artists and is available now.

Jen Cloher

The Triffids – Wide Open Road: Good song choice for the beginning of tour when morale is high and everyone is filled with a sense of purpose. Bruce Springsteen – State-trooper: good song choice for end of tour when you’re in debt and feeling like you may need to turn to crime as a way out.

Fraser A. Gorman

Faith To Arise – Terry Reid:  It’s a really nice driving song that’s nice to sing along to about ‘going home’ wherever that may be… Bird On Broken Wing – The Felice Brothers: Another sing-along car song at the top of yer lungs

Oliver Mestitz – The Finks

Nick Drake – Pink Moon:  Because it’s the first song on my favourite driving album. Pink Moon is so good and commands so much attention that it’s kind of awkward to put on in a social situation, but when you’ve got a steering wheel and pedals and you’re looking straight ahead with a vague destination in mind, it’s perfect. Desmond Dekker & The Aces – Problems: A couple of years ago we drove from Melbourne to Canberra to play a show, then drove afterwards to a friend’s house north of Wollongong. I was the only one who could drive a manual so Sarah had to think of ways to keep me awake. One was to play Desmond Dekker really loud (it worked).


Celeste Potter – Ouche My Face

Rihanna- Bitch Better Have My Money:  It makes me feel tough as fuck and fills me with the kind of ‘tude to get up there and scream at a room full of people. Björk- Joga:  I used to make my band sing this song on the way to every show.  The others sang the instruments and I sang the vocals.  Apart from being an excellent vocal warm up, it makes me feel empowered to create the emotional landscape of a room, and also lets me know that it doesn’t matter if it was a good show or a bad show- the important thing is that it happened.

Courtney Barnett

X-Ray Spex – “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!”:   When beer barns n merch sales are gettin you down n u can’t decide which brand of cigarettes to buy from the mall, blast a little bit of this anti-consume punk squalor n ye shall be released. Peaches – “Rock Show”: Best heard 2 minutes and 8 seconds before stage-time at ear-pierce volume, with video-clip and dressing room strobe lights if possible.

Marcus – East Brunswick All Girls Choir

Nina Simone – Strange Fruit: FUCKING HELL Birth Glow – Ransom: Recently discussing underrated Australian bands this Adelaide group came to mind. Listen to that voice, go on mate, do it. Listen to one of the single’s ‘Three Packs a Day’ from Courtney Barnett here