Behind the lens

Simon Deadman: Half-remembered places

How old are you?



Where are you based?

Perth, Australia


How do you make a living?

Sales & Marketing


What camera do you use?

About 50/50 between a Mamiya 7 & Rolleiflex T. My Canon 5d gets dragged off the shelf occasionally for paid jobs.


How has travel made an impact on your life?

Travel has completely changed my life in terms of how I see photography. I saw a Robert Adams exhibition in Paris two years ago as well as some other amazing work in Paris & Berlin that had a huge impact on how I understand photography and its importance in my life.


What does adventure mean to you?

Adventure means getting out of your comfort zone. Lots good things in life can only happen after you do something uncomfortable.


This was taken in Manjimup, 3 hours south of Perth. I was down there for work so once I had finished for the day I went out for a few hours to take photos. I was about to call it a night when I came around the corner and saw this Coles sign glowing over the carpark.

Dunsborough, two days after I got married. It’s not really a typical kind of photo for me, I must have been feeling romantic. Sometimes sunsets are so good that you have to just take a photo of them.

Around Mandurah in the last 10 years property developers have built a huge number of new residential developments which has displaced many of the native animals including these kangaroos. They seem to have adapted quite well by living in the suburbs and eating people’s front lawns.

This was taken right in the suburbs of Perth next to a massive industrial area, it’s a kind of hidden-away wasteland of unused land – just the sort of place I like to wander around at 6:30 am in the middle of winter.

I love foggy mornings. This was taken very close to where I grew up as a kid. I hadn’t been back there for years but had gone out early to take photos because there was some fog around and somehow ended up here. With the light coming through the fog and trees it felt like I was actually underwater.

I took this photo after being out walking around a suburb near the city for an hour or so. None of the other photos I took that night were any good but this one turned out pretty good. That’s part of the fun of shooting film, especially after dark.

North Beach is about five minutes drive from where we live, so we have spent a lot of time there. For me this photo is about the point of view of the guy about to dive under the wave with salt in his eyes and green, back-lit water above him.

Manjimup again. I got up at sunrise and had been driving around for an hour when I came around the corner and saw this.

This was the coldest morning of the year. Perth only gets frost on the ground a few times a year if at all. I had been out for a while walking around exploring this area, the sun was rising fast when I saw this tree across the paddock. I ran through the mud and the frost to get my tripod set up just in time to get this shot.