Behind the lens

Chris Beecroft – On the Move



Where are you Based?

Perth, Western Australia

How do you make a living?

Casual jobs that lend themselves to me taking off pretty readily and hoping a position will still be there when I get back!

What camera do you use?

I’ve been flicking through a few recently, a somewhat broken Yashica T4, a Canon EOS 30 and a Canon 6D

How has travel made an impact on your life?

Travel has really influenced a lot of my ideals and perspectives and has certainly given me a sharper sense of what’s actually important in life and what’s not. I find it incredibly easy to get clogged up in a lot of nonsense when I’m in the city. To escape all that and dive into a new environment, especially a natural one, it’s like a cleanse. I was brought up in British suburbia and it’s only been in more recent years that I’ve discovered the magic of exploring, road trips and hiking.

What is your relationship to travel/adventure, and what does it mean to you?

I only went on my first proper road trip a few years ago when the electricity was cut in this big 70’s beach shack my friends and I lived in, it was a shambles in there and none of us payed the bill. My housemate and I decided to abandon ship and explore this mythical north-west of Australia that we had heard a few things about. What we found up there, these giant gorges, magical beaches, brilliant mountain ranges, it was like nothing else i had seen before. It really blew me away and I knew I wanted more of it. Initially these adventures I set off on became little escapes from the life I had around them, as I went on more and more, however, I found myself identifying less with my life in the city and feeling like a truer version of myself while travelling and exploring.

A hot, golden sunrise at Cape Le Grand in Esperance, Western Australia. We spent the night trying to shield ourselves from the abundant red dirt getting blown all over us as we slept on the cape’s edge.

Winding down on a coastal adventure, our last night was spent cooking baked beans, swimming as the sun set and climbing as many of these giant rocks as we could find.

Scaling up the Grampian ranges during a frantic drive from Perth, Western Australia to Melbourne on the east. We had spent many, many days endlessly driving before we got to this park and had a lot of energy to burn off.

Four of us had a crack at putting a little shelter together in the woods one afternoon. During the night we woke to the sound of rain and feared the worst. We couldn’t have been happier when we realised we were all staying bone dry.

A few days spent climbing the mountains of the Sierra range in New Zealand. I left a bustling little campsite and found a few moments peace as I took this photo in the last of the afternoon light.

We arrived at the car park at about 3am. We boiled up some tea and set off into the darkness. We could hear Kangaroo’s skipping away from around us. Half way up the mountain the sun broke through the clouds and covered everything in this brilliant bubble-gum pink glow.

We reached this little gem of a national park in the night. We walked along vague hiking trails and threw our sleeping bags down in a nice flat clear path of dirt. We woke up to this magic and realised how close to the edge we had slept.

Two friends and I had dragged a twenty dollar tent up a mountain and had the most peculiar night caught in a rainstorm. Our tent was soaking wet and we ate pringles to pass the time. It was very, very cold when I took this snap.