Behind the lens

Elliot Kramer: Across the Pacific and back again



Where are you based?

Nelson, BC, Canada

How do you make a living?

Bumping Chairs as a lifty at a small ski resort in BC for the next couple of months – yet to figure out past then!

What camera do you use?

Hasselblad 500c, Nikkormat FT2, Nikon D200

How has travel made an impact on your life?

Travel has led me to where I am right now, living in Canada. It’s taught me to slow down, take a look around and enjoy the present moment.  Without travel it’s easy to get caught in the one track, and getting out of that has been the biggest impact travel has made on my life.

What is your relationship to travel/adventure, and what does it mean to you?

Adventuring keeps the inspiration flowing for me. Either heading to new places or really exploring the areas that are close by its always great to get out and adventure somehow.  Something to look forward to, to enjoy and then re-live, and do all over again! Adventuring is a lifestyle and without it I don’t know where I’d be!

A month before I started hopping between the Pacific North West and the East Coast of Australia I took a roadtrip with my closest friends. Finding this spot in the Gold Coast hinterlands was a special moment on that trip.

6 months in Oregon was enough to get me hooked. Coming around the corner that leads into the amphitheatre that is Abiqua Falls, I knew that I would never stop coming back.

A hopeful text at 6pm to a friend and a decision to go chase some powder at Mt Bachelor over an extended weekend. It dumped all night long and with a foot of fresh lying on the hill the next morning there was nothing but stoke!

South-West NP in Tasmania is probably the most wild place Elyse and I have travelled to. One road in and out, with nothing but rugged mountains, pristine lakes and raging rivers to the Southern Ocean over 100km away.

Driving the Icefields Parkway last October was the highlight of three months on the road living out of our Chevy Van George. Sunrise in the Rockies is not something to sleep through, and we were pretty glad to have walked out of bed for this one

You know if you have been to Abiqua that it has a certain magic about it. On a warm Autumn morning Elyse and I hiked down to the falls and it didn’t take long before she was captured by it.

It’s pretty easy to get taken aback in Alberta by the crazy amounts of tourists buzzing around. And then you look up and out and remember why you came.

Living out of your van gets you excited to wake up in the morning – every morning the view is different. This morning signified the change of seasons in the Rockies, with the first winter storm rolling through of October, the mountains turned brown to white overnight.

Is in the beautiful town of Nelson, BC. We spent November wandering around the mountains surrounding it, and occasionally came across beautiful frozen forests.