Behind the lens

Emmanuel Rosario: Life on The Road



Where are you based?

Austin, Tx

How do you make a living?

Working in a car shop and doing odd jobs.

What camera do you use?

Nikon D810, D700 and a Yashica T5

How has travel made an impact on your life?

It has opened me up to new places, new friends, and over all a new outlook on life. It has allowed me to be more confident in my decision-making and it has provided a new sense of adventure that I never had before. When I’m traveling I feel alive; I am free to do what I want.

What is your relationship to travel/adventure, and what does it mean to you?

It is my life long partner, I would go crazy if I didn’t go on a road trip or fly out of the states at least once a year. Traveling allows me to reflect and stay true to myself as an artist, a lover, and a person.

Eight friends, two weeks, two countries, and many drunk nights later. 

While in Europe, eight of us did a small roadtrip from Amiens, France to the Spanish Sahara in Bardenas, Spain.  We decided to climb the highest point in the region and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the whole scenery.

Embracing the view at Meditation Rock

On a road trip from Amiens to Cean, France, we stopped at a national forest along the way and decided to explore the woods. 

My good friend afloat in the Atlantic – Summer 2013

After a hazy night of drinking, a warrant for my arrest and over $800 in fines, I needed a smoke and a moment to rest in the most comfortable place I know.

The best way to end a night of fireworks and countless drinks in the deserts of California.

Watching the storm approach us in the Grand Canyon National Park, summer 2012.

With a broken foot and pouring rain, it wasn’t enough to prevent us from exploring the waterfalls in Tennessee.

Riding in style, making a home on the road.

The only home I know. We bought Alex in New Jersey, to embark on our first road trip across the USA in the summer of 2012. From New York to LA and 19 states in between with only three months to enjoy it all. This was the first time all five of us decided to live of a van and see where it takes us. This was the moment where my life changed and traveling became an essential part of my life. Life on the road became my getaway and inspiration to explore.