Behind the lens

Nick Green: Wild Youth

How old are you?
20 years young!

Where are you based?
Hobart, Tasmania

How do you make a living?
As far as consistent income goes.. I’m working as a child care worker at the local primary school a few times a week, mainly looking after a super cool dude who suffers from autism. It’s rewarding work and they are pretty flexible with my hours which comes in handy for adventures! But photography in the past few years has created so many amazing experiences for me both paid and non-paid, depends on how you define making a living I guess.. ha

What camera do you use?
Canon 5d Mark iii, 24-105mm, 50mm, 100-400mm, 15mm fisheye, Aquatech Waterhousing

How has travel made an impact on your life?
It’s such an addicting thing, once you do it, you want more and more, but no matter how much you do it, I don’t think it will ever be enough.. But i guess thats what makes it so good? The never ending sense of fulfilment. There’s always something else to be seen or somewhere to be re-seen, its never ending.

What does adventure mean to you?
Adventure means to be happy, to be free and to be alive.  I think too often people get caught up with things not being good enough, not being worth their while, but i think if you start to find the good in the little things you are doing in life suddenly you start to see things a lot differently.  Adventure can be something as small as going for a walk with your dog down the street or as insane as  jumping out of aeroplane on the other side of the world, its all about your perception of things. If people started to look at the little things that their doing from a  fresh and more appreciative perspective i reckon they’d be a lot happier.
One.. Two.. Three.. Jump! 
The morning of our college exams a group of us went to the local jump rock for sunrise and forgot about the stress of school for a bit.
Secret Love 
I shot this image of two of my close friends embracing underwater last year, they are no longer together, i hope they get back together one day.
A few years ago when we visited Bali we hired some push bikes and roamed around the busy streets of Ubud trying to see what we could find, we heard about a waterfall not too far from where we were staying so we set off and tried to find it. It took us two days to find this place but boy was it worth it!
Wagon Life
Its no #vanlife but its almost just as good. In college i spent my weekends living in my station wagon touring around Tasmania, memories i will never forget.
Mt Wellington 
I was sitting down at the dinner table with my family after our usual Sunday night Roast when i noticed the mountain had some snow on it.. I got my brother to come along and hit the road. Mid drive we got caught in a small blizzard and the small amount of snow soon turned into a lot of snow. Just goes to show that sometimes you just gotta go.
Soul Surfer 
Tasmania is known for its harsh, cold and lonely surf conditions; so a scene like this is not so uncommon. Makes you wonder what else is out there with you thats for sure.
Pedra Blanca 
That rock you see, its 100ft tall, in the middle of the no where, km’s out to sea on the southern end of Tasmania. Its home to hundreds of different species of marine life and cops huge swells year round and believe it or not; people surf out there.  Only in Tasmania.
Great Ocean Road 
Early last year two of my mates and I decided we would buy a van and travel up the east coast of Australia. Two days into our trip we were in a car crash and it wrote off our van, leaving us homeless in the city for two weeks. This was shot a few days after we got back on the road, the sign of good things to come what i like to think was a reward for not giving up on our adventure.
Bells Beach 
The view you want to see when you rock up to check the surf