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Adventure doesn’t have to be gendered: A young woman’s 2 months alone in the wilds of Mongolia


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Discover life on the road as a documentary photographer


Heather Burn


Heather Burn

Being less nostalgic about Scotland with Mat Hay


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Meet the junk rafts and gutter punks of the Venice Canals

Tod Seelie

There were many rafts over the course of the four years and all were built with salvaged materials. The construction boom happening in NYC in the mid-2000s provided a lot of scrap material that we pulled from dumpsters.

Asiaviva – A story told through music and photography

Bruno Galán Ruiz

I have selected twenty photographs from my journey to the Philippines and Japan and have related these to twenty of the songs which always accompany me.

Kevin Faingnaert: Far-flung cultures and everyday lives

Kevin Faingnaert

I try to never lose the ability to wonder or to be amazed by people I meet and places I come across, even in my own street.

Travel photography and the art of spontaneity

Nash Howe

I love the unexpected, uncontrollable moments that just happen. That’s why I suppose spontaneity is really the crux of the best art I’ve done. That, and I just really love the process of making things.

Self-portraits as self-discovery with Edie Sunday

Edie Sunday

My self-portraits help me live with myself a little better. I escape my own internal negative filter of feeling flawed, undesirable or broken, into just feeling human.

Mayan families are striving to preserve Guatemalan culture through education

Karina Illovska

Sydney based photographer Karina Illovska went to Guatemala through Photographers Without Borders to document the work of Mayan Families.

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Lusatia – Germany’s polluted wasteland that’s turning into a holiday destination

Freya Najade

In the past the air quality was very bad. There was this saying that if you put a white shirt out in the garden to dry when you came out it would be grey or black.

Adventure doesn’t have to be gendered: A young woman’s 2 months alone in the wilds of Mongolia

Dominique Mills

There are countless stories that tell of a young man, lost and uncertain, who sets out on a whirlwind adventure and figures out who he really is. It is a sad reality that amongst the great classic adventure stories, very few (if any) of the protagonists are female.

Discover life on the road as a documentary photographer

Philip Nix

Behind many of my most worthwhile images there was a journey leading up to it that involved some sort of hardship, whether physically or mentally.

Patagonia: Beautiful but bittersweet

Freia Lily

Without a doubt, choosing to travel has produced the most imaginative, intoxicating, and illuminating experiences in my life. It has given me love, compassion, knowledge, power and pain.

When it’s Christmas in Cuba life goes on as usual

Francois Ollivier

It’s my third trip here and I’ve heard the same story dozens of times : Cubans feel stuck and unable to move forward; like they’re trapped in a natural paradise. In the meantime, life goes on.

James Wright – Somewhere in Scotland

James Wright

I spent years of my childhood pouring over atlases and leafing through National Geographic Magazines which ignited my travel lust. Experiencing different landscape, smells, sounds and cultures first hand makes the world seem both big and small.

In Memory of a Monolith: How evolved are we really?

Yuri Andries

As humans we are attracted to darkness but want to observe from a safe distance. Only when danger is close enough, we’ll use our intelligence to come up with solutions.

Night Project: Blurring the lines between cinema and photography

Marilyn Mugot

I perceive my photographic work through a director’s eyes, however, the difference in my vision, is that the whole world is a stage. It’s an intense sensation of “limitless”. I like to recreate a fantastic universe of dreams and travels.

Bothies – The Far-flung Mountain Shelters of the British Isles

Nicholas White

Far from civilization and mostly accessible only by foot, bothies are secluded mountain shelters scattered across the British Isles, tirelessly maintained by volunteers from the Mountain Bothies Association.

Adventure Club: Cuba

Grab some mates and come join us in Cuba in April 2017!


‘As God Wills It’ – 100 miles of fate and fortune in Morocco

Laurence Donoghue

Arriving back in Marrakech, I felt like I had truly been to outer space and back; I felt like I had seen landscapes that could not exist on our planet. I felt like I had stepped both back and out of time and had seen and briefly experienced a different way of living, of one without time and without fear.

Heather Burn: Being less nostalgic about Scotland with Mat Hay

Mat Hay

Having grown up here, was quite different from how it’s represented and how people view it from outside, specifically in regards to the rural areas. And this concerned me.

The North Atlantic Passage

Matt Lief Anderson

I spend my evenings seeking the elusive Northern Lights, mapping my routes, charging my batteries, and getting ready to wake before sunrise to start my day.

Nostaglia Follows us, and we crave it even more

The idea isn’t just to travel to a new destination but also live on the road.


‘Photography is fiction’ – a conversation with Reuben Wu

Reuben Wu

Photography is a fiction. It’s a frame of a film which hasn’t been made, or a line from a forgotten poem. I always create in camera as much as possible, because it is also about the experience of what is in front of you at the time.

Dylan Johnston’s Collection of America

Dylan Johnston

After driving through so much of the country I was fortunate to see dozens of different environments and lifestyles and meet many new people, some of whom I was able to photograph. This collection of images is a sample of the America I saw during those two weeks on the road.

The Outsider: A photographic record of nomadic life in Mongolia

John Feely

“Lately I have spent some time with people who believe they are their ancestors. They believe they are the same entity passed down through bloodlines from one person to the next, mapped from generation to generation.”

Richard Gaston: A Year in Scotland

Richard Gaston

Adventure has given me the opportunity to develop my character as a person and as a professional; discovering my interest in exploration came late on in my life, I was tired, impatient and my priorities were all wrong.

Adventure Club: Cuba 2017

The Adventure Handbook x Coast to Costa

Rum, revolutionaries and retro cars – Cuba has a back-in-time appeal. Though a trip to Cuba seems undoubtedly romantic and exciting, you’ll need to understand how the island works to get the best out of your visit.

Editor’s Pick

Welcome to ‘The Jungle’ – The notorious asylum seeker camp of Calais

Michael Rees-Lightfoot & Jaz Blom

It’s a sad day when you feel embarrassed to talk about the place you call home because it has the cruelest treatment of refugees on the planet. We hope in some small way our photos can open up further dialogue about treating refugees more humanely and create social and political change.

Tony Butt: Oceanographer, Patagonia Ambassador, Surfer of Mammoth-Sized Waves

Alycia Purcell

Tony Butt is sure an impressive human being, not only because he rides waves the size of three-story buildings, but for the humble and extreme, mundane and exhilarating, sustainable unsustainable life that he leads.

An open heart on the opposite side

Théo de Gueltzl

Théo de Gueltzl started his journey one year and a half ago in Los Angeles. He bought a Toyota Pick Up, built a wooden structure to fit a mattress and a life on the road.

Idle Theory Bus

Do I have a home? It’s hard to say. I live in a 1976 bus named Sunshine with my boyfriend James.


Unity Divided: Life in Bentiu

Patrick Orchard

Destroyed during the South Sudan civil war, this once bustling town in the middle of country’s oil region is now littered with the rusted frames of burnt out cars and shot up houses.

‘The Westographer’ and the forgotten suburbs of Melbourne

Warren 'The Westographer' Kirk

It’s surprising to see a lot of people’s living spaces of a certain age – what they surround themselves with and how they decorate their houses. They’re like living museums. It’s often an incredible level of chaos and madness that they live amongst

Stranded in Shibuya: Halloween in Tokyo

Rasa Juskeviciute

I loved the contrast between the peaceful Japanese nature and the grotesque mess of sexual, horrifying and DIY characters. The next day I bought more rolls of film and missed the train for a second night in a row…

Photographing Cuba with just two rolls of film

Benjamin Butcher

I don’t know whether it was the heat or just a technical malfunction, but when the two batteries for your camera die on the first day of a trip around Cuba it’s the beginning of a nightmare.

The Family Acid – A lineage of photographic splendour

They are in fact responsible for some of the most visually intriguing and detailed documentation of the counter cultural movement of the 1970’s on, out of the U.S and beyond.


The colours, symmetry and strangers of La Havana

Francois Ollivier

Between two jobs I had an opportunity to travel to Cuba last summer. I did not want to go to any all-inclusive resort. After 2 or 3 days it was clear: I was going to shoot colours, symmetry and complete strangers.

Travelling through India belongs to the individual

Aaron Chapman

Travelling through India belongs to the individual – moments and memories forged between country and self. There were of course happier times, life changing even.

Exploring The Kimberley

Nick Green

I wondered why or how I’d never been there before, let alone not even heard of it. I remember looking around the landscape deciding where I would build my future home, figuring out how I would manage to get a lifetime supply of food and water in there so I never had to leave.

Lost in Mexico

John Laurie

Where does it start and end? A landscape of blurred lines spanning sprawling density and a sparseness so vast that the echo of an echo has no answer.

Arab desert drifting and ‘the great national boredom’

Peter Garritano

It’s based on something called “Hajwalah” in which thrill-seeking young men would reach high speeds on public roads and then spin seemingly out of control, oftentimes weaving through traffic.

Elsa Bleda: Finding light, finding home

Elsa Bleda

I believe that exploring, discovering new places, meeting new cultures and hearing their stories make you grow as a person. Broadens your perspective. It is inspiring and definitely exciting.

Chris Round: Round the Place

Chris Round

I am primarily interested in documenting the everyday world around me, with a particular interest in landscapes featuring human interventions that visually activate their surroundings in strangely compelling ways.

What does it mean to call a place home?

Will Goodan

Unless you are born on this soil and have Japanese blood running through you, you will always be an outsider. I’m a quarter Korean, quarter Japanese, half American.

Confessions of a dirtbag traveller

Michael Russel & Randy P Martin

When friends or family ask why the hell I would sell everything I own and move into a school bus to travel full time, this is the story I tell them. Of course, not every day living the life of a dirtbag traveler is as amazing as this one.

The Mongolian Horse Wrestler

Dimitri Staszewski

With some of young horses, Ganbold decided to forgo his lasso and simply use his hands. Grabbing a front leg, he would get the horse to lose its balance before wrestling it to the ground.

Listen: Tape No.20 – Live from Buenos Aires

Patrick Saracino

I fell in love with Buenos Aires immediately after arriving… Living here is a day by day prospect which makes for an immensely rich culture of art, resistance and consequently, amazing music.

In the exodus, I love you more

Hoda Afshar

I left Iran nearly a decade ago. I left and moved to Australia—to the end of the earth—leaving much behind. And like all migrants, I miss the things I left behind: the taste of the air; the trees’ sweet smell; the song of the streets and of the crows at sunset…

China’s empty ghost cities

Tim Fenby

I had heard about this town called Nanjiecun, reported as being the last communist village in China, and that was my trigger to go, “Alright, I’m going to go check this out.”

Hanna Ukura: Widening Your View of Life

Hanna Ukura

I try to go on longer trips at least once every other year and leep on any adventure that’s handed to me, both small and big ones. Without travelling I feel trapped. To see and experience new things makes life so much bigger and helps me to widen my mind and actually makes me feel more at ease with myself and life.

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