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Elsa Bleda: Finding light, finding home


Elsa Bleda: Finding light, finding home

“I believe that exploring, discovering new places, meeting new cultures and hearing their stories make you grow as a person.”


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What does it mean to call a place home?

Unless you are born on this soil and have Japanese blood running through you, you will always be an outsider.


Some things I saw when I left Chicago


Some things I saw when I left Chicago

For me, leaving the easy things behind, getting into situations that I’m not used is where it all starts.


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Photographing Cuba with just two rolls of film

Benjamin Butcher

I don’t know whether it was the heat or just a technical malfunction, but when the two batteries for your camera die on the first day of a trip around Cuba it’s the beginning of a nightmare.

The colours, symmetry and strangers of La Havana

Francois Ollivier

Between two jobs I had an opportunity to travel to Cuba last summer. I did not want to go to any all-inclusive resort. After 2 or 3 days it was clear: I was going to shoot colours, symmetry and complete strangers.

Travelling through India belongs to the individual

Aaron Chapman

Travelling through India belongs to the individual – moments and memories forged between country and self. There were of course happier times, life changing even.

Exploring The Kimberley

Nick Green

I wondered why or how I’d never been there before, let alone not even heard of it. I remember looking around the landscape deciding where I would build my future home, figuring out how I would manage to get a lifetime supply of food and water in there so I never had to leave.

Lost in Mexico

John Laurie

Where does it start and end? A landscape of blurred lines spanning sprawling density and a sparseness so vast that the echo of an echo has no answer.

Arab desert drifting and ‘the great national boredom’

Peter Garritano

It’s based on something called “Hajwalah” in which thrill-seeking young men would reach high speeds on public roads and then spin seemingly out of control, oftentimes weaving through traffic.

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Elsa Bleda: Finding light, finding home

Elsa Bleda

I believe that exploring, discovering new places, meeting new cultures and hearing their stories make you grow as a person. Broadens your perspective. It is inspiring and definitely exciting.

Chris Round: Round the Place

Chris Round

I am primarily interested in documenting the everyday world around me, with a particular interest in landscapes featuring human interventions that visually activate their surroundings in strangely compelling ways.

What does it mean to call a place home?

Will Goodan

Unless you are born on this soil and have Japanese blood running through you, you will always be an outsider. I’m a quarter Korean, quarter Japanese, half American.

Confessions of a dirtbag traveller

Michael Russel & Randy P Martin

When friends or family ask why the hell I would sell everything I own and move into a school bus to travel full time, this is the story I tell them. Of course, not every day living the life of a dirtbag traveler is as amazing as this one.

The Mongolian Horse Wrestler

Dimitri Staszewski

With some of young horses, Ganbold decided to forgo his lasso and simply use his hands. Grabbing a front leg, he would get the horse to lose its balance before wrestling it to the ground.

Listen: Tape No.20 – Live from Buenos Aires

Patrick Saracino

I fell in love with Buenos Aires immediately after arriving… Living here is a day by day prospect which makes for an immensely rich culture of art, resistance and consequently, amazing music.

In the exodus, I love you more

Hoda Afshar

I left Iran nearly a decade ago. I left and moved to Australia—to the end of the earth—leaving much behind. And like all migrants, I miss the things I left behind: the taste of the air; the trees’ sweet smell; the song of the streets and of the crows at sunset…

China’s empty ghost cities

Tim Fenby

I had heard about this town called Nanjiecun, reported as being the last communist village in China, and that was my trigger to go, “Alright, I’m going to go check this out.”

Hanna Ukura: Widening Your View of Life

Hanna Ukura

I try to go on longer trips at least once every other year and leep on any adventure that’s handed to me, both small and big ones. Without travelling I feel trapped. To see and experience new things makes life so much bigger and helps me to widen my mind and actually makes me feel more at ease with myself and life.

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The brutal spectacle of ancient Japanese bullfighting

Luke Van Aurich

Eastern cultural practices are easily digested when they fall in line with Western moral values. When they do not align, they are commonly judged and denounced.

Benjamin Rutherford: Nyama

Benjamin Rutherford

The fear of the unknown is what holds many back, getting out there is challenging, it’s not supposed to be easy. But you will never get the experiences you dream of from your desk.

Mickey Ross: Moments and Situations

Mickey Ross

Travel has shaped who I am. I’ve spent most of my life chasing winters and snow. Now it’s good to live in one place but still be able to travel for work and for shorter travel missions. I guess now I seek out moments and light instead of snow. 

Nostaglia Follows us, and we crave it even more

The idea isn’t just to travel to a new destination but also live on the road.


Last Leg, Kenya to Namibia

Callum Smith

Peddling, peddling, peddling (and yeah peddling…) I can assure you that we had our days on the road. Like who really heads over to Africa to ride a pushbike … with their dad?

Listen: Tape No.19 – Everything is Possible

David Byrne

Founded in 1988 by musician David Byrne (Talking Heads), Luaka Bop was initially started as vehicle for David’s passion for world music with its sole purpose to be a means to release a few Brazilian compilations.

Our long travels together

Aleksandra Semyonova

Asia gave me an amazing journey full of friendly and kindly people, good food and a great location.

My endless search for pristine wilderness

Jono WInnel

From the moment I could walk my father dragged me around the countryside fishing, camping and hunting. He took me across Australia, through the desert and from the top to the bottom.

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Editor’s Pick

Gone Full Circle: Part 3 – Making it to the end of the world

Josh Bergemann

I jump off the bike just in time to empty my stomach onto the dirt road. My heart’s rushing, skin sweating and both legs shake under my skinny frame. I’m a notch above completely hopeless.

In defence of the over-romanticised American roadtrip

Matt Lief Anderson

I love a road trip. I’ve been on dozens of them around the world and in 46 states. The American road is a bit over-romanticized. That Kerouacian idea of finding yourself is overplayed, but there’s something out there in the mountains, deserts, plains, and cities that I can’t explain.

Meet international citizen Ingvar Kenne

Ingvar Kenne

I use that same word when I talk about travel – luxury. It’s such a white man’s headache you know, like, it’s not hard. People say “How did you do that? That’s so hard.” And I think, “Well there are some cold days, some warm days, you know..” But it’s my own choice, and it’s a privilege entirely.

Idle Theory Bus

Do I have a home? It’s hard to say. I live in a 1976 bus named Sunshine with my boyfriend James.


Randy P Martin: Some things I saw when I left Chicago

Randy P Martin

For me, leaving the easy things behind, getting into situations that I’m not used is where it all starts. Maybe you’re not ready for it, or even intially interested in, but you go. And you figure it out along the way.

Antarctica, an expedition to the edge of the earth

Johannes Huwe

Two days sailing through the infamous Drake Passage lie before us until we arrive at the Antarctic peninsula. Icebergs point the way, a signal that we don’t have much farther to go.

Untold stories of the Trans-Pecos Pipeline

Spike Johnson

I felt sad for the Big Bend inhabitants, for the residents of Chihuahua, the idea of American freedom, and our crumbling concepts of democracy.

Darsh Seneviratne: From what you won’t forget, to who you will remember

Darsh Seneviratne

Being able to save up, drop everything and travel for months is a privilege I take for granted so often, I’ve been trying to be more aware of how lucky I am. I like to keep a balance between visiting new places and old favourites; it keeps things fresh, whilst also forging emotional ties with locations that aren’t my place of birth.

The Family Acid – A lineage of photographic splendour

They are in fact responsible for some of the most visually intriguing and detailed documentation of the counter cultural movement of the 1970’s on, out of the U.S and beyond.


Listen: Tape No.18 – Life in Transit

Oliver Markota

Oliver Markota is a pilot for a Japanese airline (one of the good ones) and when he isn’t flying to and from your favourite destinations he lives in one of your favourite cities, Tokyo. Is a airline pilot’s life the dream or an endless battle with the effects of chronic jet lag?

A Mongolian shaman once told me “Reindeer get fat in the winter”

Dimitri Staszewski

This story is for Halzan. He was violently mugged and passed away less than two weeks after I visited him. He changed how I see the world and gave me the courage to begin thinking about what I’m afraid of.

Simon Deadman: Half-remembered places

Simon Deadman

Adventure means getting out of your comfort zone. Lots good things in life can only happen after you do something uncomfortable.
Travel has completely changed my life in terms of how I see photography.

Discover Pushkar: Home of the worlds biggest camel fair

Annapurna Mellor

Pushkar is full of life, and all walks of it. The whitewashed streets of the old city jam falafel stands with groups of Israeli travellers, Tibetan garden restaurants, Hindu pilgrimage temples, and colourful groups of gypsy tribes side by side.

Erin Hoffstetter: What is of lasting value?

Erin Hoffstetter

To me adventure is a state of mind. You can travel half way around the world and find none and look to see what’s in front of you and find the adventure of a lifetime.

Photographer John Kilar proves that freedom needs no home

John Kilar

I’ve always been drawn to environments that support self-expression, safe spaces for being more open and free and loving. They happen to be in gatherings that might appear to be on the fringe…

Anne Moffat: Half Lives

Anne Moffat

Travel has taught me to question things and keep curious. I’m constantly reminded that I actually don’t know that much; it’s a very humbling experience which both keeps me in check and open to new possibilities.

AHB Photo Comp Winners

The Adventure Handbook

To the victors go the spoils as they say in the classics. Check out who took home the bacon as well as the top-50 or so finalists who helped us lose countless hours of sleep trying to pick the winning shots.

Life in the lava – surfing the Canary Islands

Katja Kremenic

I don’t wish to be superstitious, but you all probably have experienced places where you feel remarkably good, calm and centered, as if some strange energy is overwhelming you against your will.

Cian Oba-Smith: Affinity

Cian Oba-Smith

Seeing how people interact differently with their environment and ultimately how adaptable the human spirit is has opened my eyes and mind to other ways of existing within cultures around the world.

Bush-land: The cattlemen and women of outback Australia

Benjamin Rutherford

For many, the places I work in are seen as an uncomfortable and difficult life. However for me it’s when I am most in my comfort zone, I crave these spaces…

William Broadhurst: Australia (2015-16)

William Broadhurst

Travel has helped me to slowly gather knowledge and an understanding of the land, as well as the shared history of those living on it.

Indigenous Australia: Navigating the great divide

Elize Strydom

When you face a trying situation on your own you have no choice but to step up and figure out a way over/around/through it then deal with the consequences. This is often made a little easier and less humiliating by the fact that no one is there to watch you melt down or fall apart.

Listen: Tape No.17 – The Sounds of Hipgnosis

Aubrey Powell

Listen to a musical celebration of some of the acts that Hipgnosis created album art for, including ELO, Ween, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, T Rex, 10CC, Peter Gabriel, Wings and more

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