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AHB Photo Comp Winners


AHB Photo Comp Winners

Check out who took home the bacon as well as 50 (or so) of the top-notch finalists.


Gone Full Circle: Part 1


Bush-land: The cattlemen and women of outback Australia

Open spaces and freedom in the red country.


Gone Full Circle: Part 1


Hipgnosis make your favourite album covers

What does it take to design some of the most iconic album covers of all time?


Slide Heading 1


Our Guide to South Australia: Part 2

Four-wheel driving through the Flinders Ranges, getting chased by emus, swimming with seals, dodging a cyclone – all in a days work.


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Witness Earth: Innovations in photographic storytelling

Porter Yates is a photographer, and Dan Melamid is a director. Together they have collaborated to develop a new style of photographic presentation to music.


Anne Moffat: Half Lives

Anne Moffat

Travel has taught me to question things and keep curious. I’m constantly reminded that I actually don’t know that much; it’s a very humbling experience which both keeps me in check and open to new possibilities.

AHB Photo Comp Winners

The Adventure Handbook

To the victors go the spoils as they say in the classics. Check out who took home the bacon as well as the top-50 or so finalists who helped us lose countless hours of sleep trying to pick the winning shots.

Life in the lava – surfing the Canary Islands

Katja Kremenic

I don’t wish to be superstitious, but you all probably have experienced places where you feel remarkably good, calm and centered, as if some strange energy is overwhelming you against your will.

Cian Oba-Smith: Affinity

Cian Oba-Smith

Seeing how people interact differently with their environment and ultimately how adaptable the human spirit is has opened my eyes and mind to other ways of existing within cultures around the world.

Bush-land: The cattlemen and women of outback Australia

Benjamin Rutherford

For many, the places I work in are seen as an uncomfortable and difficult life. However for me it’s when I am most in my comfort zone, I crave these spaces…

William Broadhurst: Australia (2015-16)

William Broadhurst

Travel has helped me to slowly gather knowledge and an understanding of the land, as well as the shared history of those living on it.

Behind the lens

We uncover the previously untold stories going on behind the lenses of some of the greats


Indigenous Australia: Navigating the great divide

Elize Strydom

When you face a trying situation on your own you have no choice but to step up and figure out a way over/around/through it then deal with the consequences. This is often made a little easier and less humiliating by the fact that no one is there to watch you melt down or fall apart.

Listen: Tape No.17 – The Sounds of Hipgnosis

Aubrey Powell

Listen to a musical celebration of some of the acts that Hipgnosis created album art for, including ELO, Ween, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, T Rex, 10CC, Peter Gabriel, Wings and more

Hipgnosis make your favourite album covers

Aubrey Powell

For the uninitiated Hipgnosis was the art design team responsible for designing some of the most iconic album cover art for some of the most influential and successful musical acts of all time.

Altering reality with Swedish photographers Inka and Niclas

Inka and Niclas

We have searched for sources and proof of the mystique everywhere from norse mythology to pagan religions, from contemporary popular culture to spiritual postcards in gift shops.

John Laurie: Wanderings

John Laurie

Remoteness, untouched cultures, open landscapes, campfires, great waves, hiking, sunsets, sunrises, stars, reading, meeting people, being still and present.

Our guide to South Australia: Part 2

Isabella Moore, Nick Green, Che Parker

Four-wheel driving through the Flinders Ranges, getting chased by emus, swimming with seals, dodging a cyclone – all in a days work for Adventure Handbook photographers Isabella Moore, Nick Green and Che Parker. Part 2 of our guide to South Australia picks up from where we left off as we unravel one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

The scent of Iceland

Paola Zanni

The fact is that I had never before breathed so deeply and serenely than in this open space which seemed endless; much wider than anything my eyes had previously taken in.

Our guide to South Australia: Part 1

Luke Byrne, Sarah Pannell

Five Australian photographers head to Adelaide, fanning out across the state to document different parts of this diverse, but dependably outright gorgeous, chunk of Australia. What could go wrong?

Witness Earth: Innovations in photographic storytelling

Porter Yates and Dan Melamid

Porter Yates is a photographer, and Dan Melamid is a director. They have been friends for many years, and both share a passion for travel and visual storytelling. Through Witness.Earth they have collaborated to develop a new style of photographic presentation to music.

Adventure TV

Watch adventure in motion with our curated series of down right ridiculous videos


Until the sky: The Israel I know

Coral Amiga

I have had reservations with writing publicly about my connection to Israel because of the immediate negative connotations it conjures up for many people; Because of the intense media scrutiny; Because of the shocking hostility I have experienced over social media; Because of the deep sadness…

Yumna Al-Arashi: Above and Below

Yuman Al-Arashi

I love to learn, have fun, and create honestly. I believe my photography reflects each life I live: the political, the cultural and the adventurous.

A country big enough to disappear in

Katrin Koenning

Thematically, (Katrin’s) work is concerned with ideas of Australian regional and remote communities in socio-economic transition in the 21st century; experientially, it is an exploration of photographer’s familiarity with her new home country.

Nostaglia Follows us, and we crave it even more

The idea isn’t just to travel to a new destination but also live on the road.


Mustafah Abdulaziz: The Planet We Share

Mustafah Abdulaziz

There’s a part of travel that is an act of submission towards experiences greater than yourself. I’ve learned through weeks and months on the road that there’s no end.

The islands of Indonesia at 70km an hour

Max Blackmore

For years trekking through parts of south-east Asia and Indonesia has been in the back of my mind… I, like many others, was suspicious of the Bali that filtered through media, friends and other traveller – a sort of Indonesian Ibiza, over run with sunburnt Australians and Bintang singlets.

A life of struggle and beauty under the moonlight

Alejandro Chaskielberg

To create a beautiful image of someone is not very difficult, but to try to capture an image that talks about people…

Listen: Tape No.16 – Nkechi Anele’s Exploration Music

Nkechi Anele

Some of the songs I have chosen for this mixtape are quite delicate, and I think this suits the idea of exploring new places with excitement but also a bit of apprehension.

Nick Green: Wild Youth

Nick Green

Adventure can be something as small as going for a walk with your dog down the street or as insane as jumping out of aeroplane on the other side of the world, its all about your perception of things.

Editor’s Pick

Terminal Beach: Remembering Chicago’s Polar Vortex

Matt Lief Anderson, Reuben Wu, Zak Marcom

“Get down! You are in GRAVE DANGER!” a faraway voice yelled over a loudspeaker. I looked inland to see the red-blue flash of police lights as we hurried down the icy bank toward our vehicle.

The ache in us

Daniel Almazán Klinckwort

The best thing about traveling is that it allows you to experience the moment. You enter another time frame composed only from that which lies ahead of you. The world becomes different and to a certain extent, unreal.

Edie Sunday: Between the Darkness & Light

Edie Sunday

Travel of course also means creation—I make the majority of my work when I am not at home, when new atmospheres are stimulating my mind.

Idle Theory Bus

Do I have a home? It’s hard to say. I live in a 1976 bus named Sunshine with my boyfriend James.


Orphans go hiking on holidays

Ellen Richardson

My good friend and fellow photographer Dawn Chapman and I consider ourselves ‘orphans of Christmas’. We’ve never particularly enjoyed celebrating it for our own reasons, and try to do something out of the ordinary every year as a kind of middle-finger-up at the holiday.

Lauren Withrow: Here, There

Lauren Withrow

I’ve grown to appreciate the little things, mostly, in regards to people, places, and experiences. I don’t need objects for happiness. It’s even brought me closer to the people around me.

Hotel Transylvania

Sarah Burton

The Hotel was all white and tall sharp angles surrounded by pine trees, the last thing we expected to see. A group of benign wild dogs hung out the front.

Wild & Precious

Jesse and Clover Burke

Wild & Precious brings together treasures from a series of road trips travelled over 5 years by photographer Jesse Burke and his daughter Clover. It’s a reminder that exploration is timeless, and infinite, as should be the wild.

The Family Acid – A lineage of photographic splendour

They are in fact responsible for some of the most visually intriguing and detailed documentation of the counter cultural movement of the 1970’s on, out of the U.S and beyond.


Watch: Motion

Morgan Maassen

I’ve been circled by bullsharks, thrown over the falls at Teahupoo, ravaged by swarms of sea lice, bounced off the reef at Pipeline, had a jet ski thrown over my head in Australia…

Wiissa – Wild West


The sand was cool, full of beetles and scurrying white lizards. It reflected the purple and pink sunset, and was sheltered by the surrounding blue mountains. We were totally alone, laughing and running down the hills together.

Listen: Tape No.15 – Conrad Greenleaf’s Voyage Through the Galaxy

Conrad Greenleaf

Conrad Greenleaf is an inner-west Sydney based musician who plays synth, guitar and other things in psych-pop band Richard In Your Mind. He has recently released a solo album called ‘Modern Emotions’

Watch: Watchtower of Turkey

Leonardo Dalessandri

Over than 3500 km traveled in 20 days, capturing landscapes from the bluish tones of Pamukkale to the warm ones of Cappadocia, the all passing by a great variation of colors, lights and weathers through six other cities.

Watch: Swampy’s diary


For the “bootleg artist” known as Swampy, the world is an endless living canvas. Variations on his signature “swampdonkey” tag — the skull of some imaginary tusked creature — can be found in almost every imaginable setting across America: dilapidated skyscrapers in Oakland, Calif.; train trestles in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico; gallery walls in Atlanta or Brooklyn.

Hard work lends to great rewards

Paul Collins

I got the call on a Sunday morning- “heading out from the trailhead at sunrise Monday morning, if you want to go be there by then.” I needed a minute to think, and then said fuck yeah, go for it.

Two days in the Swiss alps

Ran Benazra

It was a kind of happy mistake. The views along the way were stunning; rugged mountains covered with patches of snow still lingering from the last winter stood in stark contrast to orange rocks.

DPRK: A view into the hermit kingdom

Porter Yates

Once he was out of ear shot, Mr. Lee whispered to me “Japanese – Mortal Enemy.” I was a bit surprised, and asked how, as an American, I was classified. “Just Enemy,” he replied with a smile.

We’re getting out of town

Natalie O'Moore

Arrive in Memphis. My twin sister, Madeline, is moving from New York to Los Angeles and my friend Diana and I have agreed to help her drive out in her 2007 Volvo. We eat dinner and crash at our hotel.

Escape to Himal

Naomi Wood

So many climbers died trying to conquer it, in the 1960’s it was declared sacred to the god Shiva and became off-limits. It is the only mountain in the Himalayas which has never been climbed to the top.

Soot and Sake: The Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival

Michael Weybret

I stare on in amazement from deep in the packed crowd at this ancient right of passage, unable to look away from the faces covered in sweat, ash, and elation.

To Yerevan and Back

Matthew Thornton

“Do you want to hitchhike to Yerevan tomorrow?” Fifteen minutes later I was looking up the best spot to hitchhike from Tbilisi and hunting for a place to crash in Yerevan.

The speedways of outback Australia

Luke van Aurich

After watching the first race I was sucked in. I thoroughly enjoyed the pageantry of the whole event, the people, the location, the cars and this overwhelming sense I had taken a leap back in time to a simpler life.

Use this photo when I die

Leon Batchelor

Travelers die at phenomenal rates. Especially Australians, who like to see the world as a kind of adults-only Jamberoo, where you can throw yourself into just about anything, with the option of doing it wasted.

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