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Listen: Tape No.11 – NYC with Ryan Caesar from Pearls

Ryan Caesar

Pearls have just returned from a jaunt to the USA. New york for CMJ to be specific. Myself and James spent a few extra weeks there, embarrassing ourselves with over enthusiasm as green Australian boys are wont to do. The songs I’ve chosen are my NYC playlist. Stuff I was listening to while I was there and was finding exciting.

Listen: Tape No.10 – Solo Drives with Nick Sowersby

Nick Sowersby (Sunbeam Sound Machine)

Driving and music go hand in hand. If it wasn’t terrible for the environment I’d almost exclusively listen to music whilst driving around. I’ve discovered a lot about music while driving: How to feel badass driving around Seaford in a 1995 Toyota Camry; How amazing Veckatimest is from start to finish; how to sing harmonies on long solo drives.

Listen: Tape No.9 – Christmas with The Adventure Handbook

Here at The Adventure Handbook we don’t shun the Christmas mixtape, we embrace it. For us its as essential as the roast potatoes and gravy and our Christmas day just isn’t complete without a steady stream of festive-themed songs blasting from the stereo.

Listen: Tape No.8 – Campfire Tales with Leigh Senior

Leigh Senior

In the play list I have included some songs for leaving, arriving…songs that lead you out of a small country town and into the possibilities of a clean sky. The endless horizon is liberating and also confronting as you attempt to define yourself not by your normal surroundings but by the tired reflection in the car window and thoughts rattling round.

Listen: Tape No.7 – Globetrotters with Edo & Dyl from Milwaukee Banks

Edo & Dyl

We’ve both travelled overseas individually, but never together… so when we put together the theme for this mixtape we were both discussing the music we listened to in our headphones on those trips. Songs and albums that became synonymous with experiencing a certain part of another city or discovering life in a different culture.

Listen: Tape No.6 – Summit

David Boyson Cooper

Winter 2013/14 was when I got really into climbing mountains. Those drowsy 6am car journeys north, when we would be half asleep, half looking at the weather and the scenery are a part of the experience I came to enjoy, and these tracks are the soundtrack to these memories.

Listen: Tape No.5 – Cooking with Rough

Pete Curtis a.k.a 'Rough'

If you have ever worked in a commercial kitchen for even a second you would know that they are different from other working environments. Kitchens rely on hard work, staff who will show up no matter what, maybe a bit of goey from time-to-time and most

Listen: Tape No.4 – Behind the Wheel with Matt Lief Anderson

Matt Lief Anderson

This playlist is a few songs that fit into my drives across America. It starts out being really meditative and slowly builds to keep you from falling asleep at the wheel. If you get tired, go to the last song and fast forward to 7:30 and crank it till your ears bleed.

Listen: Tape No.3 – Beach Bum with Imogene Barron

Imogene Barron

I really like being alone, some people may say a little too much (I tend to disagree) whether I’m cracking tinnies on an empty beach in the middle of nowhere, singing at the top of my lungs (extremely badly) or dancing in front of the neighbors cat.

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