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Bothies – The Far-flung Mountain Shelters of the British Isles

Nicholas White

Far from civilization and mostly accessible only by foot, bothies are secluded mountain shelters scattered across the British Isles, tirelessly maintained by volunteers from the Mountain Bothies Association.

‘Photography is fiction’ – a conversation with Reuben Wu

Reuben Wu

Photography is a fiction. It’s a frame of a film which hasn’t been made, or a line from a forgotten poem. I always create in camera as much as possible, because it is also about the experience of what is in front of you at the time.

Benjamin Rutherford: Nyama

Benjamin Rutherford

The fear of the unknown is what holds many back, getting out there is challenging, it’s not supposed to be easy. But you will never get the experiences you dream of from your desk.

Listen: Tape No.18 – Life in Transit

Oliver Markota

Oliver Markota is a pilot for a Japanese airline (one of the good ones) and when he isn’t flying to and from your favourite destinations he lives in one of your favourite cities, Tokyo. Is a airline pilot’s life the dream or an endless battle with the effects of chronic jet lag?

Cian Oba-Smith: Affinity

Cian Oba-Smith

Seeing how people interact differently with their environment and ultimately how adaptable the human spirit is has opened my eyes and mind to other ways of existing within cultures around the world.

Listen: Tape No.17 – The Sounds of Hipgnosis

Aubrey Powell

Listen to a musical celebration of some of the acts that Hipgnosis created album art for, including ELO, Ween, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, T Rex, 10CC, Peter Gabriel, Wings and more

Hipgnosis make your favourite album covers

Aubrey Powell

For the uninitiated Hipgnosis was the art design team responsible for designing some of the most iconic album cover art for some of the most influential and successful musical acts of all time.

Hollie Fernando: We Can Dream

Hollie Fernando

I believe travelling is the best form of education. You can get very isolated in the bubble you call your life and just getting out there and experiencing how others live theirs makes you very aware of the lovely diversity in the world. 

Nicola Abraham: Wandering North

Nicola Abraham

The idea of searching for something new to discover always gives me something exciting to look forward to and work towards. Every adventure I embark on teaches something new, about myself, about cultures, and about the world.

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