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Photographing Cuba with just two rolls of film

Benjamin Butcher

I don’t know whether it was the heat or just a technical malfunction, but when the two batteries for your camera die on the first day of a trip around Cuba it’s the beginning of a nightmare.

The colours, symmetry and strangers of La Havana

Francois Ollivier

Between two jobs I had an opportunity to travel to Cuba last summer. I did not want to go to any all-inclusive resort. After 2 or 3 days it was clear: I was going to shoot colours, symmetry and complete strangers.

Travelling through India belongs to the individual

Aaron Chapman

Travelling through India belongs to the individual – moments and memories forged between country and self. There were of course happier times, life changing even.

Exploring The Kimberley

Nick Green

I wondered why or how I’d never been there before, let alone not even heard of it. I remember looking around the landscape deciding where I would build my future home, figuring out how I would manage to get a lifetime supply of food and water in there so I never had to leave.

Lost in Mexico

John Laurie

Where does it start and end? A landscape of blurred lines spanning sprawling density and a sparseness so vast that the echo of an echo has no answer.

Arab desert drifting and ‘the great national boredom’

Peter Garritano

It’s based on something called “Hajwalah” in which thrill-seeking young men would reach high speeds on public roads and then spin seemingly out of control, oftentimes weaving through traffic.

Confessions of a dirtbag traveller

Michael Russel & Randy P Martin

When friends or family ask why the hell I would sell everything I own and move into a school bus to travel full time, this is the story I tell them. Of course, not every day living the life of a dirtbag traveler is as amazing as this one.

The Mongolian Horse Wrestler

Dimitri Staszewski

With some of young horses, Ganbold decided to forgo his lasso and simply use his hands. Grabbing a front leg, he would get the horse to lose its balance before wrestling it to the ground.

In the exodus, I love you more

Hoda Afshar

I left Iran nearly a decade ago. I left and moved to Australia—to the end of the earth—leaving much behind. And like all migrants, I miss the things I left behind: the taste of the air; the trees’ sweet smell; the song of the streets and of the crows at sunset…

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