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James Wright – Somewhere in Scotland

James Wright

I spent years of my childhood pouring over atlases and leafing through National Geographic Magazines which ignited my travel lust. Experiencing different landscape, smells, sounds and cultures first hand makes the world seem both big and small.

Bothies – The Far-flung Mountain Shelters of the British Isles

Nicholas White

Far from civilization and mostly accessible only by foot, bothies are secluded mountain shelters scattered across the British Isles, tirelessly maintained by volunteers from the Mountain Bothies Association.

Heather Burn: Being less nostalgic about Scotland with Mat Hay

Mat Hay

Having grown up here, was quite different from how it’s represented and how people view it from outside, specifically in regards to the rural areas. And this concerned me.

Richard Gaston: A Year in Scotland

Richard Gaston

Adventure has given me the opportunity to develop my character as a person and as a professional; discovering my interest in exploration came late on in my life, I was tired, impatient and my priorities were all wrong.

Listen: Tape No.6 – Summit

David Boyson Cooper

Winter 2013/14 was when I got really into climbing mountains. Those drowsy 6am car journeys north, when we would be half asleep, half looking at the weather and the scenery are a part of the experience I came to enjoy, and these tracks are the soundtrack to these memories.

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