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Sam Abell: The Quiet Photographer – Part 2

Sam Abell

It seems to me that this is the golden age of amateur photography. How do professionals, that is those who are committed documentary, editorial, photojournalists, how do we go about telling stories that are convincing and compelling in a visually saturated environment?

Sam Abell: The Quiet Photographer – Part 1

Sam Abell

National Geographic photographer Sam Abell has defined his career with patience. There is no dull section of a Sam Abell photograph, the frame is layered from back to front with compelling imagery. This can be a slow process, it can take days, weeks, or in some cases months for the right opportunity to present itself.

Kickstarter: The Adventure Handbook Issue 01 – Less Than Perfect

The Adventure Handbook

There are few things in this life worth paying for, and this could well be one of them. Help us fund our magazine and we’ll give you our blood sweat and tears in its pages.

Jonathon Collins: Towards Eastern Suns

Jonathon Collins

The greatest part of any adventure is the unknown: a real adventure comes from no plan, spontaneity in decision-making, meeting people from all walks of life, interacting with cultures or religions that you previously haven’t, and a sense of resetting your life with each new place or journey.

‘The Westographer’ and the forgotten suburbs of Melbourne

Warren 'The Westographer' Kirk

It’s surprising to see a lot of people’s living spaces of a certain age – what they surround themselves with and how they decorate their houses. They’re like living museums. It’s often an incredible level of chaos and madness that they live amongst

Exploring The Kimberley

Nick Green

I wondered why or how I’d never been there before, let alone not even heard of it. I remember looking around the landscape deciding where I would build my future home, figuring out how I would manage to get a lifetime supply of food and water in there so I never had to leave.

Chris Round: Round the Place

Chris Round

I am primarily interested in documenting the everyday world around me, with a particular interest in landscapes featuring human interventions that visually activate their surroundings in strangely compelling ways.

My endless search for pristine wilderness

Jono WInnel

From the moment I could walk my father dragged me around the countryside fishing, camping and hunting. He took me across Australia, through the desert and from the top to the bottom.

Buy The Adventure Handbook’s first publication: Learnin’ as we go

The Adventure Handbook

Now available for online purchase, The Adventure Handbook’s very first piece of print Learning as we go showcases stories, interviews and photography from Australia and around the globe which will make you remember that life’s short.

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