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Watch: Everyday Adventure Series

Charles Bergquist

Follow photographer, Charles Bergquist as he takes a trip out to Joshua Tree for the Perseid meteor shower. The shower is visible from mid-July each year, with the peak in activity between 9 and 14 August, depending on the particular location of the stream. During the peak, the rate of meteors reaches 60 or more per hour.

Watch: The Adventure Handbook x Britz Campervans

The Adventure Handbook

Outback Australia. We wanted to go because we didn’t know what was out there. So we jumped in a car from Adelaide and headed North. A lot can happen when six people from different walks of life head to the middle of nowhere. Against our better judgment we decided to bite off more than we could probably chew. ‘Who cares’, we said. ‘Why not?’

Watch: Dunes

Reuben Wu and Zak Marcom

“Get down! You are in GRAVE DANGER!” a faraway voice yelled over a loudspeaker. I looked inland to see the red-blue flash of police lights as we hurried down the icy bank toward our vehicle. Luckily the officer wasn’t there when we arrived and drove to the end of the peninsula covered in ice. I was hyperaware of the lake water on either side of us, and of inescapable doom if we misstepped and fell in.

Watch: A Passenger in Morocco

A couple of weeks ago I came back from Morocco with just under two thousand photos. It was my first time in Africa, and my first time using a digital camera in a while. Not restricted to the 36 shots of a roll of film I typically limit myself to, I probably got carried away.

Watch: Untethered

Levi Allen

Untethered takes an immensely personal look straight into the heart of the slacklining and highlining community in Vancouver BC. It is an epic ride from beginning to the end, offering an inspiring look into a group that pursues the unthinkable.

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