Watch: A Passenger in Morocco

A couple of weeks ago I came back from Morocco with just under two thousand photos. It was my first time in Africa, and my first time using a digital camera in a while. Not restricted to the 36 shots of a roll of film I typically limit myself to, I probably got carried away.

The result is this, 1,915 still photos put together in chronological order to tell some of the story of a great trip. Three of us drove for 6 days, setting out from Marrakesh, up and over the Atlas mountains, to the edge of the Sahara and back. The sound was recorded on our last day, from a rooftop in Marrakesh as a lesson took place in a school classroom we overlooked. – Photos taken on a Fuji X10 and iPhone 5, bulk processed with VSCO Cam actions in Photoshop – Sound recorded with Voice Memos on iPhone, and edited in Garageband – Photos assembled in Premiere Pro – Titles hand drawn, photographed, and digitised in Illustrator

Words and images by Kim Walker