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Watch: Chapter 1 – Alaska, Canada and the USA

Josh Bergemann

In May, 2015, Josh Bergemann flew to Alaska with my bicycle and the dream of cycling around the world. Here is an overview of his first three months on the road.

Lensational: Empowering women through photography

Bonnie Chiue and Yuen Sin

At the heart of Lensational, is empathy. It’s really about stepping into the shoes of these women and girls whose voices are rarely, if ever, heard. Linked to empathy is humility.

Sunday mornings at the river

Rebecca Rijsdijk

Creativity runs through your veins. Photography is just a way to capture what you need to express. You see something that moves you, it doesn’t necessarily have to be beautiful, and you take a picture of it. Creativity is tied to anything that makes you tick. In my case it is the outdoors.

Listen: Tape No.1 – On Tour with Joel Byrne

Joel Byrne

When I hear some of these tracks I get reminded, in a weird way, of a distinct moment from a past adventure. It is very true that Adventure and music really do go hand in hand and for me, now I as I try to recall those moments; it’s almost like not being able to remember one without the other.

A mother and daughter who’ve photographed the world together

Nisa and Ulli Maier

We want to make people aware about how difficult the living and working conditions in certain parts of the world can be, the fact that not everybody was born into the bright side of life but also that travelling to far away places is possible – through photographs.

The Family Acid: A lineage of photographic splendour

The Family Acid

The Family Acid sounds something like an adult swim cartoon, but the truth is so much more awesome. They are in fact responsible for some of the most visually intriguing and detailed documentation of the counter cultural movement of the 1970’s on, out of the U.S and beyond.

Magdalena’s Mediterranean dreamscape

Magdalena Wosinska

That was a life changing time with two wonderful women and their amazing father who are dear friends of mine. They are sailors but it was a first for me to be out at sea for two weeks. The best way to explore any coast on a magic carpet ride!

The art of collaboration and the myth of singular genius

Thierry Bal

In my practice, collaboration is pretty much essential. I have never been convinced by the idea of the artist-genius working in isolation. Engaging in collaborative processes does not mean negating one’s personal artistic vision.

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