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Sam Abell: The Quiet Photographer – Part 2

Sam Abell

It seems to me that this is the golden age of amateur photography. How do professionals, that is those who are committed documentary, editorial, photojournalists, how do we go about telling stories that are convincing and compelling in a visually saturated environment?

Sam Abell: The Quiet Photographer – Part 1

Sam Abell

National Geographic photographer Sam Abell has defined his career with patience. There is no dull section of a Sam Abell photograph, the frame is layered from back to front with compelling imagery. This can be a slow process, it can take days, weeks, or in some cases months for the right opportunity to present itself.

Bloom: Aussie filmmaker Julian Lucas captures the beautiful loneliness of Japan

Julian Lucas

As a solo traveller, I was really enjoying getting lost into filming. When you turn up to a place with a camera (I didn’t the first time), you observe things in a different way. You really look at everyone and what they’re doing

Asiaviva – A story told through music and photography

Bruno Galán Ruiz

I have selected twenty photographs from my journey to the Philippines and Japan and have related these to twenty of the songs which always accompany me.

Stranded in Shibuya: Halloween in Tokyo

Rasa Juskeviciute

I loved the contrast between the peaceful Japanese nature and the grotesque mess of sexual, horrifying and DIY characters. The next day I bought more rolls of film and missed the train for a second night in a row…

What does it mean to call a place home?

Will Goodan

Unless you are born on this soil and have Japanese blood running through you, you will always be an outsider. I’m a quarter Korean, quarter Japanese, half American.

The brutal spectacle of ancient Japanese bullfighting

Luke Van Aurich

Eastern cultural practices are easily digested when they fall in line with Western moral values. When they do not align, they are commonly judged and denounced.

Soot and Sake: The Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival

Michael Weybret

I stare on in amazement from deep in the packed crowd at this ancient right of passage, unable to look away from the faces covered in sweat, ash, and elation.

Tokyo Emotional Rollercoaster

Jonno Revanche

I imagined Tokyo as a blade runner-esque metropolis that loomed forever in the distance, hosting all sorts of new technologies and behaviours I’d never encountered in my life.

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