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Travel photography and the art of spontaneity

Nash Howe

I love the unexpected, uncontrollable moments that just happen. That’s why I suppose spontaneity is really the crux of the best art I’ve done. That, and I just really love the process of making things.

The North Atlantic Passage

Matt Lief Anderson

I spend my evenings seeking the elusive Northern Lights, mapping my routes, charging my batteries, and getting ready to wake before sunrise to start my day.

The scent of Iceland

Paola Zanni

The fact is that I had never before breathed so deeply and serenely than in this open space which seemed endless; much wider than anything my eyes had previously taken in.

The Centre of Rekjavik

Silvia Bergomi

I’d like to constantly travel. Visiting places, exploring new cultures and various geographies is something that truly feeds me. I feel more open, more inspired, generally happier when I am in this dimension.

This is Iceland

Amir Kuckovic

We experienced plenty of adventures; a road completely blocked by snow, not knowing where to turn next; running out of petrol in the middle of that white road – then luckily finding a petrol station right in the middle of nowhere.

Home Ground: A filmmakers take on the lives of two icy sailors

James Aiken

I try to approach these trips and films with an open mind as to what I might find. I think its really important to spend time with the people, and let them tell you about what they would like to tell you before filming them or attempting to interview them.

Lost in the privacy and immensity of Iceland

Carmen Marchena

Maybe in some of these places there has never been human presence, I access them with my kayak or by boat. Sometimes I’m lucky, and I go alone, sometimes I go with my groups. Either way I’m very lucky, I can see other worlds within this world. I’m very lucky to experience this.

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