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Wiissa – Wild West


The sand was cool, full of beetles and scurrying white lizards. It reflected the purple and pink sunset, and was sheltered by the surrounding blue mountains. We were totally alone, laughing and running down the hills together.

Watch: Swampy’s diary


For the “bootleg artist” known as Swampy, the world is an endless living canvas. Variations on his signature “swampdonkey” tag — the skull of some imaginary tusked creature — can be found in almost every imaginable setting across America: dilapidated skyscrapers in Oakland, Calif.; train trestles in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico; gallery walls in Atlanta or Brooklyn.

Hard work lends to great rewards

Paul Collins

I got the call on a Sunday morning- “heading out from the trailhead at sunrise Monday morning, if you want to go be there by then.” I needed a minute to think, and then said fuck yeah, go for it.

We’re getting out of town

Natalie O'Moore

Arrive in Memphis. My twin sister, Madeline, is moving from New York to Los Angeles and my friend Diana and I have agreed to help her drive out in her 2007 Volvo. We eat dinner and crash at our hotel.

Sunrise and slacklining in Yosemite

Cameron Gardner

A lot of people ask what it’s like to walk on a highline, or just to be out there. Most people think we are crazy but it’s the complete opposite. While it can be scary, it’s completely relaxing to me at the same time.

The infinite ways to live your life

Amanda Leigh Smith

Nights camping here were rough with freezing temperatures at over 10,000 ft, and strong winds that fill your tent with sand.

Into the desert

Anthony Christie

It was the end of 2012 and after working hard in Australia for more than two years, I was feeling restless. So after a few discussions with my brother, we decided on doing a big trip throughout the US, Canada and then across to Europe..

No plan, no expectations

Jason Domogalla

Normally we don’t have much of a plan. This time was no different. A few lakes we wanted to visit and a map to guide us. Journeys that don’t have a plan always seem to turn out the best. No one has any expectations. You make your plan as everything unfolds.

Finally free in the wilds of the American West

Katie Silvester

Eight weeks rumbling down the road in a tiny tin can with the same person day in day out was definitely the most challenging and biggest adventure of our lives so far. But after it all, all I know is I have to run away again as soon as humanly possible.

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