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Kevin Faingnaert: Far-flung cultures and everyday lives

Kevin Faingnaert

I try to never lose the ability to wonder or to be amazed by people I meet and places I come across, even in my own street.

In Memory of a Monolith: How evolved are we really?

Yuri Andries

As humans we are attracted to darkness but want to observe from a safe distance. Only when danger is close enough, we’ll use our intelligence to come up with solutions.

Tony Butt: Oceanographer, Patagonia Ambassador, Surfer of Mammoth-Sized Waves

Alycia Purcell

Tony Butt is sure an impressive human being, not only because he rides waves the size of three-story buildings, but for the humble and extreme, mundane and exhilarating, sustainable unsustainable life that he leads.

Life in the lava – surfing the Canary Islands

Katja Kremenic

I don’t wish to be superstitious, but you all probably have experienced places where you feel remarkably good, calm and centered, as if some strange energy is overwhelming you against your will.

Nostalgia follows us, and we crave it even more

Emmanuel Rosario

The idea isn’t just to travel to a new destination but also live on the road. It’s a place where we meditate, come up with ideas, get to know each other more, explore new places, and meet new people.

Watch: Beneath Benidorm

Diana Kunst & Bruno Galan Ruiz

Benidorm is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. A kind of wonderland in front of the Mediterranean Sea. The city has the second most skyscrapers per square metre after New York, and the population grows five-fold during the summer. We would never usually go to a place like that but suddenly this very fact makes this idea a good reason to go.

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