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Watch: Home Ground

James Aiken

‘Home Ground’ is a short anthropological film exploring how two very different, but geographically close, cultures relate to one another within a striking and vast natural landscape. Featuring Siggi the Icelandic sailor and Dines the Greenlandic hunter.
An independent film by James Aiken

The chronicles of Zinni – A love story set in Greenland

Gerald Zinnecker

Ittoqqortoormiit is one of the most insulated towns in the world. Far away from all touristic highways and only accessible by helicopter. Two supply ships a year, and if you forget to lodge a request you must wait six more months for this.

Home Ground: A filmmakers take on the lives of two icy sailors

James Aiken

I try to approach these trips and films with an open mind as to what I might find. I think its really important to spend time with the people, and let them tell you about what they would like to tell you before filming them or attempting to interview them.

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