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Adventure doesn’t have to be gendered: A young woman’s 2 months alone in the wilds of Mongolia

Dominique Mills

There are countless stories that tell of a young man, lost and uncertain, who sets out on a whirlwind adventure and figures out who he really is. It is a sad reality that amongst the great classic adventure stories, very few (if any) of the protagonists are female.

The Outsider: A photographic record of nomadic life in Mongolia

John Feely

“Lately I have spent some time with people who believe they are their ancestors. They believe they are the same entity passed down through bloodlines from one person to the next, mapped from generation to generation.”

The Mongolian Horse Wrestler

Dimitri Staszewski

With some of young horses, Ganbold decided to forgo his lasso and simply use his hands. Grabbing a front leg, he would get the horse to lose its balance before wrestling it to the ground.

A Mongolian shaman once told me “Reindeer get fat in the winter”

Dimitri Staszewski

This story is for Halzan. He was violently mugged and passed away less than two weeks after I visited him. He changed how I see the world and gave me the courage to begin thinking about what I’m afraid of.

A locals take on Mongolia and the luxury of tourism

Sean Gilchrist

This area of the People’s Republic of China has a strange relationship with its ethnic minorities. As an inevitable cultural homogeny spreads in China due to factors as broadly-reaching as mainstream popular culture…

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