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Travelling through India belongs to the individual

Aaron Chapman

Travelling through India belongs to the individual – moments and memories forged between country and self. There were of course happier times, life changing even.

Discover Pushkar: Home of the worlds biggest camel fair

Annapurna Mellor

Pushkar is full of life, and all walks of it. The whitewashed streets of the old city jam falafel stands with groups of Israeli travellers, Tibetan garden restaurants, Hindu pilgrimage temples, and colourful groups of gypsy tribes side by side.

The Stilwell Road

Findlay Kember

This project developed from a desire to pay tribute to the sacrifice of those who laboured through the jungles of South Asia, and to understand how the population of the present day are now using the road.

Two Aussies skaters who are making the world a better place

Ben Hermans

To anyone planning a visit to India with the intention of helping to grow and cultivate the local skateboarding scene, prepare to be humbled by the overwhelming generosity and hospitality of the locals.

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