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Welcome to ‘The Jungle’ – The notorious asylum seeker camp of Calais

Michael Rees-Lightfoot & Jaz Blom

It’s a sad day when you feel embarrassed to talk about the place you call home because it has the cruelest treatment of refugees on the planet. We hope in some small way our photos can open up further dialogue about treating refugees more humanely and create social and political change.

Leo Berne: I Barely Remember

Leo Berne

I take pictures like a tourist, mostly to create nice images and souvenirs but in a way, I feel that photography is a weak way to help you to remember. It creates images that become stronger than your memories and consumes them.

An intimate glimpse of a gypsy pilgrimage

Isabella Moore

It was an amazing, incredible sight to see hundreds of people on this beach. The horses went in first, four or five horses into the water, then the saints were immersed, and then everybody else went in after that to take the ritual bath.

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