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Elliot Kramer: Across the Pacific and back again

Elliot Kramer

Adventuring keeps the inspiration flowing for me. Either heading to new places or really exploring the areas that are close by its always great to get out and adventure somehow. Something to look forward to, to enjoy and then re-live, and do all over again!

Alana Patterson: Born to Lurk Forced to Work

Alana Patterson

Being away from your safety net for that long really makes you a more sympathetic person…I hope..I think. These days it’s shorter trips but I like to go out there you know. I feel like I get soft if I sleep in my own bed too many nights in a row. 

Train hopping across Canada… minus a foot

Rick Indeo

Looking down to either side of me and seeing the wheels spinning and tracks sliding past underneath, I imagined the electric shock that would jolt me right through, so if I survived being electrocuted to death I’d still be shredded to bits on the tracks…

Panning for gold in British Columbia

Sean Hitrec

In early 2015 I’d had it with a conventional lifestyle. I was in my late twenties, working at a normal job and making progress towards a career, but I felt as if my life was lacking something essential…


Morgan Jouquand

Absolutely stunning piece of video, Shot by Morgan Jouquand during the summer of 2014 on a trip from north to south of Portugal. The totally immersive video shows the parallel between wildlife and the urban environments

Home is where we parked George

Elliot Kramer

It turned out to be a completely unreal 24 hours; hiking around the base of the massive Glaciers that hung off the peak, and looking out from our porch over the beautiful mountains of the North Cascades.

3000 miles on the thin white line

Josh Bergemann

If you want to ‘see’ a country, do it by bike… People took pity on me and were more inclined to offer support, which always boosts moral and restores one’s faith in society whilst on the long lonely road.

Watch: Untethered

Levi Allen

Untethered takes an immensely personal look straight into the heart of the slacklining and highlining community in Vancouver BC. It is an epic ride from beginning to the end, offering an inspiring look into a group that pursues the unthinkable.

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