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Immense, wild and humble: The seduction of Uruguay and Argentina

Paola Zanni

On one side of the Rio de la Plata sits the giant Argentina, with its cultural strength and breathtaking landscapes.
On the other side, more reserved and characterised by a tender humility, sits Uruguay, with its discreet beauty, wild landscapes, and varied fauna and luxuriant flora.

Kevin Faingnaert: Far-flung cultures and everyday lives

Kevin Faingnaert

I try to never lose the ability to wonder or to be amazed by people I meet and places I come across, even in my own street.

Listen: Tape No.20 – Live from Buenos Aires

Patrick Saracino

I fell in love with Buenos Aires immediately after arriving… Living here is a day by day prospect which makes for an immensely rich culture of art, resistance and consequently, amazing music.

Gone Full Circle: Part 3 – Making it to the end of the world

Josh Bergemann

I jump off the bike just in time to empty my stomach onto the dirt road. My heart’s rushing, skin sweating and both legs shake under my skinny frame. I’m a notch above completely hopeless.

A life of struggle and beauty under the moonlight

Alejandro Chaskielberg

To create a beautiful image of someone is not very difficult, but to try to capture an image that talks about people…

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