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Meet international citizen Ingvar Kenne

Ingvar Kenne

I use that same word when I talk about travel – luxury. It’s such a white man’s headache you know, like, it’s not hard. People say “How did you do that? That’s so hard.” And I think, “Well there are some cold days, some warm days, you know..” But it’s my own choice, and it’s a privilege entirely.

Bush-land: The cattlemen and women of outback Australia

Benjamin Rutherford

For many, the places I work in are seen as an uncomfortable and difficult life. However for me it’s when I am most in my comfort zone, I crave these spaces…

Hipgnosis make your favourite album covers

Aubrey Powell

For the uninitiated Hipgnosis was the art design team responsible for designing some of the most iconic album cover art for some of the most influential and successful musical acts of all time.

Altering reality with Swedish photographers Inka and Niclas

Inka and Niclas

We have searched for sources and proof of the mystique everywhere from norse mythology to pagan religions, from contemporary popular culture to spiritual postcards in gift shops.

Witness Earth: Innovations in photographic storytelling

Porter Yates and Dan Melamid

Porter Yates is a photographer, and Dan Melamid is a director. They have been friends for many years, and both share a passion for travel and visual storytelling. Through Witness.Earth they have collaborated to develop a new style of photographic presentation to music.

A country big enough to disappear in

Katrin Koenning

Thematically, (Katrin’s) work is concerned with ideas of Australian regional and remote communities in socio-economic transition in the 21st century; experientially, it is an exploration of photographer’s familiarity with her new home country.

A life of struggle and beauty under the moonlight

Alejandro Chaskielberg

To create a beautiful image of someone is not very difficult, but to try to capture an image that talks about people…

Wild & Precious

Jesse and Clover Burke

Wild & Precious brings together treasures from a series of road trips travelled over 5 years by photographer Jesse Burke and his daughter Clover. It’s a reminder that exploration is timeless, and infinite, as should be the wild.

The dangerous life of Morgan Maassen

Morgan Maassen

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with the ocean, and I think a large part of my focus in documenting it focuses on my curiosity and admiration for it… I’ve been circled by bullsharks, thrown over the falls at Teahupoo, ravaged by swarms of sea lice, bounced off the reef at Pipeline, had a jet ski thrown over my head in Australia…

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