We’re getting out of town

Day 1

Arrive in Memphis. My twin sister, Madeline, is moving from New York to Los Angeles and my friend Diana and I have agreed to help her drive out in her 2007 Volvo. We eat dinner and crash at our hotel.

Day 2

Eat breakfast at a cafe in Memphis. See Elvis’s Graceland. I purchase pink earrings in the shape of Elvis’s car from the gift shop. It’s raining and we go to see Sun Studios where Johnny Cash and Elvis, along with so many other infamous musicians, recorded their hits. Eat lunch and head to Little Rock, Arkansas. See the Super Bowl from the hotel lobby. Eat dinner and crash at a road-side Best Western.

Day 3

Wake up early. Eat bananas and peanut butter from the hotel buffet.  See Little Rock Central High School. Continue on to Dallas. Eat lunch at a diner in Dallas. Head to Austin. It’s raining in Austin but we decide to walk to a bar and see some live music before we sleep. 

Day 4

Get up early. Coffee. Raining again in Austin. Do Yoga. Go thrifting. Nap. Mexican for dinner. Go to a bar that is decorated for Christmas year-round. Sleep.

Day 5

Coffee. Get on the road. Drive out of the rain and in to the Texas sunshine. Get out, run around, take photos, get back in the car. Drive for hours. Arrive in Marfa, Texas and stay in an airline streamer for the night.

Day 6

Wake up. Take photos. Coffee. It’s cold even in the desert. We rent bikes, ride around Marfa, and then go to Marfa Burrito. Eat a burrito and move on to see some art. Buy some pins at a store that read, “RISK IT: JUST FUCK IT ALL”. Pack the car, check out of the hotel, get back on the road towards Las Cruces, New Mexico. On the way out we stop and see Prada, Marfa the art installation. It’s underwhelming. Continue on our way. I eat peanuts for lunch. We finally arrive in Las Cruces and go to dinner. We stop at a bar called Whiskey Dicks that has the funniest Yelp Reviews but are too sketched out to go inside. 

Day 7

Wake up early. Eat breakfast, drink coffee. Head to White Sands, NM. Run around, take pictures, get naked. Play guitar on top of the white dunes. Head back to Las Cruces for lunch. Drive on towards Tucson, Arizona. When we finally get to Tucson the road to our hotel is blocked and we try three different entrances, delirious and slap happy, before we figure out how to get in through the front gate. We eat dinner, talk by a bonfire, and get in the Jacuzzi.

Day 8

Wake up in Tucson, pet some horses. Eat breakfast, thrift. See the Gem Show that has taken over the town. Buy nothing. Exhausted from heat, we move on to Joshua Tree. Get to Joshua Tree but we haven’t booked a hotel. Almost stay at a super sketchy motel that smelled like Cup ‘O Noodles. Ditch those plans and stay at the Best Western which now seems like a palace. Go to Pappy and Harriets for a drink and dinner, see live music, look at the stars, go to sleep.

Day 9

Wake up early. Peanut butter and bananas for breakfast. Play in Joshua Tree National Park. Take photos. Eat lunch in Palm Springs. Back to LA. Feeling crazy, happy, exhausted. 

Story and images by Natalie O’Moore