AHB 2017 Annual – Open call for submissions

It’s about bloody time. We’ve been sitting on our hands for a good long while now and have finally decided to put ourselves to task to create The Adventure Handbook 2017 Annual. The mag’s going to be a bit of an ‘up yours’ to traditional travel publications; leaving behind self-indulgent storytelling and polished landscape fodder for something grittier.

This is where you come in – whether your a professional writer/photographer or not, we want to hear about your stories from the road. Give us the dirt; the embarrassing, funny, tragic, uncomfortable, scary things that happened which make a story worth telling and give it three dimensions.

We’ve got three categories for submissions below, so see what floats your boat.

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Serendipity, happenstance, dumb luck – no matter what you call it for some reason we’re always hearing about travel stories that end in love or love lost. In preparation for The Adventure Handbook 2017 Annual we’re on the hunt for a collection of micro-travel stories that share the dizzying highs, gut-wrenching lows and hilariously embarrassing moments that involve meeting the perfect stranger in a foreign land.

Submission requirements

  1. Share your story in under 1000 words
  2. Tell us what the current status of your relationship is with your lover
  3. Images preferred but not essential
  4. Send to submit@theadventurehandbook with title: “Travelove: <Name>”

Image courtesy of Miramax 


Remember getting up in Kindergarten and trying to recall why you’re up there holding your latest birthday present trying to make up a story about it? Well, you’re much older than that now and probably have some stories of your own about objects from your own life that aren’t going to bore the pants off a classroom.

Tell us about your lucky hat, the family heirloom that you don’t leave home without or an unassuming object that’s gotten you out of a sticky situation – it might have been a swiss-army knife, it might have been a comb – you tell us.

Submission requirements

  1. Word count: Approx 1000-1500 words
  2. You must still have the object with you
  3. Image of object preferred but not essential. We may need to get it photographed for the publication
  4. Send to submit@theadventurehandbook with title: “Show and tell: <Name>”

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We don’t want to hear another travel story that ends up with its characters walking into the sunset hand-in-hand all hunky-dory. We’re after an ending that inspires a response like ‘Holy shit, you couldn’t have written that!’ You know, that pub story that’s been shared and refined over time, the one that people might even try and steal and use as their own. A real world recount of events that could only happen to certain types of people and once in a blue moon.

Submission requirements

  1. Word count: Approx 1000-1500 words
  2. Images preferred but not essential
  3. Send to submit@theadventurehandbook with title: “Stranger than fiction: <Name>”