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What causes familiarity towards a place you have never been before?

Alexander Missen

Q&A is a photographic project that explores the semi-fictionalised, hyperreal version of America that people hold in their heads.

Discover life on the road as a documentary photographer

Philip Nix

Behind many of my most worthwhile images there was a journey leading up to it that involved some sort of hardship, whether physically or mentally.

Night Project: Blurring the lines between cinema and photography

Marilyn Mugot

I perceive my photographic work through a director’s eyes, however, the difference in my vision, is that the whole world is a stage. It’s an intense sensation of “limitless”. I like to recreate a fantastic universe of dreams and travels.

Dylan Johnston’s Collection of America

Dylan Johnston

After driving through so much of the country I was fortunate to see dozens of different environments and lifestyles and meet many new people, some of whom I was able to photograph. This collection of images is a sample of the America I saw during those two weeks on the road.

Confessions of a dirtbag traveller

Michael Russel & Randy P Martin

When friends or family ask why the hell I would sell everything I own and move into a school bus to travel full time, this is the story I tell them. Of course, not every day living the life of a dirtbag traveler is as amazing as this one.

In defence of the over-romanticised American roadtrip

Matt Lief Anderson

I love a road trip. I’ve been on dozens of them around the world and in 46 states. The American road is a bit over-romanticized. That Kerouacian idea of finding yourself is overplayed, but there’s something out there in the mountains, deserts, plains, and cities that I can’t explain.

Randy P Martin: Some things I saw when I left Chicago

Randy P Martin

For me, leaving the easy things behind, getting into situations that I’m not used is where it all starts. Maybe you’re not ready for it, or even intially interested in, but you go. And you figure it out along the way.

Untold stories of the Trans-Pecos Pipeline

Spike Johnson

I felt sad for the Big Bend inhabitants, for the residents of Chihuahua, the idea of American freedom, and our crumbling concepts of democracy.

Erin Hoffstetter: What is of lasting value?

Erin Hoffstetter

To me adventure is a state of mind. You can travel half way around the world and find none and look to see what’s in front of you and find the adventure of a lifetime.

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