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Mickey Ross: Moments and Situations

Mickey Ross

Travel has shaped who I am. I’ve spent most of my life chasing winters and snow. Now it’s good to live in one place but still be able to travel for work and for shorter travel missions. I guess now I seek out moments and light instead of snow. 

Orphans go hiking on holidays

Ellen Richardson

My good friend and fellow photographer Dawn Chapman and I consider ourselves ‘orphans of Christmas’. We’ve never particularly enjoyed celebrating it for our own reasons, and try to do something out of the ordinary every year as a kind of middle-finger-up at the holiday.

The forgotten world highway

Jacquelne Mitchell

All in all, having no plans turned out to be the best plan. No matter how many times people tell you how pristine and beautiful New Zealand is, you will never truly understand – until you get out and see it for yourself.

Sulphuric fumes and volcanic pools where things dare to grow

Anne-Marie Arpin

Sulphuric fumes distract me while I climb, the air is crisp and bitter, the temperature flirting with zero. The landscape is well alive. How far does a lahar travel, I wonder?

Free wheeling in New Zealand

Chris Beecroft

I collected, over three months, $300 in coins. Foolishly feeling that this was an adequate adventure fund, I booked a flight to New Zealand, packed my bag and took my three hundred dollars with me and set out to explore for one month.

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