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Nick Harwart: Sensory overload in Morocco

Nick Harwart

“During my first trip to Morocco 2014, I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand the stress my camera caused, with all its continual negotiations. On my return trip two years later, I found that if I wanted to make images that showed more than souks and camels in the desert, I had to learn to relax in chaotic places.”

‘As God Wills It’ – 100 miles of fate and fortune in Morocco

Laurence Donoghue

Arriving back in Marrakech, I felt like I had truly been to outer space and back; I felt like I had seen landscapes that could not exist on our planet. I felt like I had stepped both back and out of time and had seen and briefly experienced a different way of living, of one without time and without fear.

My one way ticket to Morocco

Anders Vinje

Finally, I was there. Marrakesh. I remember having all kinds of expectations of how things would be, how they’d turn out, but nothing could compare to what actually happened. It was overwhelming, coming from the quiet caravan life into probably one of the world’s busiest cities.

Morocco mountain safari

Tasha Lovecity

Visiting Morrocco is like slipping into the ancient parchment of an ancient religious text… and the beauty of an ancient text is that the pages don’t change, the paper might curl and pictures might fade, but the fundamental plot remains.

Watch: A Passenger in Morocco

A couple of weeks ago I came back from Morocco with just under two thousand photos. It was my first time in Africa, and my first time using a digital camera in a while. Not restricted to the 36 shots of a roll of film I typically limit myself to, I probably got carried away.

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