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Meet international citizen Ingvar Kenne

Ingvar Kenne

I use that same word when I talk about travel – luxury. It’s such a white man’s headache you know, like, it’s not hard. People say “How did you do that? That’s so hard.” And I think, “Well there are some cold days, some warm days, you know..” But it’s my own choice, and it’s a privilege entirely.

Darsh Seneviratne: From what you won’t forget, to who you will remember

Darsh Seneviratne

Being able to save up, drop everything and travel for months is a privilege I take for granted so often, I’ve been trying to be more aware of how lucky I am. I like to keep a balance between visiting new places and old favourites; it keeps things fresh, whilst also forging emotional ties with locations that aren’t my place of birth.

Simon Deadman: Half-remembered places

Simon Deadman

Adventure means getting out of your comfort zone. Lots good things in life can only happen after you do something uncomfortable.
Travel has completely changed my life in terms of how I see photography.

Anne Moffat: Half Lives

Anne Moffat

Travel has taught me to question things and keep curious. I’m constantly reminded that I actually don’t know that much; it’s a very humbling experience which both keeps me in check and open to new possibilities.

AHB Photo Comp Winners

The Adventure Handbook

To the victors go the spoils as they say in the classics. Check out who took home the bacon as well as the top-50 or so finalists who helped us lose countless hours of sleep trying to pick the winning shots.

Bush-land: The cattlemen and women of outback Australia

Benjamin Rutherford

For many, the places I work in are seen as an uncomfortable and difficult life. However for me it’s when I am most in my comfort zone, I crave these spaces…

William Broadhurst: Australia (2015-16)

William Broadhurst

Travel has helped me to slowly gather knowledge and an understanding of the land, as well as the shared history of those living on it.

Indigenous Australia: Navigating the great divide

Elize Strydom

When you face a trying situation on your own you have no choice but to step up and figure out a way over/around/through it then deal with the consequences. This is often made a little easier and less humiliating by the fact that no one is there to watch you melt down or fall apart.

John Laurie: Wanderings

John Laurie

Remoteness, untouched cultures, open landscapes, campfires, great waves, hiking, sunsets, sunrises, stars, reading, meeting people, being still and present.

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