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William Broadhurst: Australia (2015-16)

Travel has helped me to slowly gather knowledge and an understanding of the land, as well as the shared history of those living on it.

John Laurie: Wanderings

Remoteness, untouched cultures, open landscapes, campfires, great waves, hiking, sunsets, sunrises, stars, reading, meeting people, being still and present.

Yumna Al-Arashi: Above and Below

I love to learn, have fun, and create honestly. I believe my photography reflects each life I live: the political, the cultural and the adventurous.

Mustafah Abdulaziz: The Planet We Share

There’s a part of travel that is an act of submission towards experiences greater than yourself. I’ve learned through weeks and months on the road that there’s no end.

Nick Green: Wild Youth

Adventure can be something as small as going for a walk with your dog down the street or as insane as jumping out of aeroplane on the other side of the world, its all about your perception of things.

Edie Sunday: Between the Darkness & Light

Travel of course also means creation—I make the majority of my work when I am not at home, when new atmospheres are stimulating my mind.

Lauren Withrow: Here, There

I’ve grown to appreciate the little things, mostly, in regards to people, places, and experiences. I don’t need objects for happiness. It’s even brought me closer to the people around me.

Kellen Mohr: A Breath of Fresh Air

I think most of all, I am constantly pursuing new and different experiences, and travel is the most surefire way I’ve found so far that is guaranteed to play host to whatever types of new experiences you want to dive into!

Elliot Kramer: Across the Pacific and back again

Adventuring keeps the inspiration flowing for me. Either heading to new places or really exploring the areas that are close by its always great to get out and adventure somehow. Something to look forward to, to enjoy and then re-live, and do all over again!

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