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Darsh Seneviratne: From what you won’t forget, to who you will remember

Being able to save up, drop everything and travel for months is a privilege I take for granted so often, I’ve been trying to be more aware of how lucky I am. I like to keep a balance between visiting new places and old favourites; it keeps things fresh, whilst also forging emotional ties with locations that aren’t my place of birth.

Simon Deadman: Half-remembered places

Adventure means getting out of your comfort zone. Lots good things in life can only happen after you do something uncomfortable.
Travel has completely changed my life in terms of how I see photography.

Erin Hoffstetter: What is of lasting value?

To me adventure is a state of mind. You can travel half way around the world and find none and look to see what’s in front of you and find the adventure of a lifetime.

Anne Moffat: Half Lives

Travel has taught me to question things and keep curious. I’m constantly reminded that I actually don’t know that much; it’s a very humbling experience which both keeps me in check and open to new possibilities.

Cian Oba-Smith: Affinity

Seeing how people interact differently with their environment and ultimately how adaptable the human spirit is has opened my eyes and mind to other ways of existing within cultures around the world.

William Broadhurst: Australia (2015-16)

Travel has helped me to slowly gather knowledge and an understanding of the land, as well as the shared history of those living on it.

John Laurie: Wanderings

Remoteness, untouched cultures, open landscapes, campfires, great waves, hiking, sunsets, sunrises, stars, reading, meeting people, being still and present.

Yumna Al-Arashi: Above and Below

I love to learn, have fun, and create honestly. I believe my photography reflects each life I live: the political, the cultural and the adventurous.

Mustafah Abdulaziz: The Planet We Share

There’s a part of travel that is an act of submission towards experiences greater than yourself. I’ve learned through weeks and months on the road that there’s no end.

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